Guinness Says No

Iconic Irish beer brand Guinness
made waves after it pulled its sponsorship from
New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day parade
because the parade excludes LGBT groups.
This move came just days after Boston Beer
Co., the parent company of Sam Adams,
announced it would pull its sponsoship from the
Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade. Heineken
pulled out of  the NY parade for the same
reason. Experts say generational shifts and the
growing purchasing power of the LGBT
communities and their allies has become too big
to ignore.  Within the alcoholic beverage world,
being gay-friendly isn’t  new. For example,
Absolut Vodka has been marketing to the
LGBT community for over 30 years, and
Anheuser-Busch provoked controversy in
antigay circles with its 1996 ad in gay media
with the tagline “Labels belong on beer, not
people.” The backlash from antigay groups
didn’t translate into lost sales

US Craft Beer Hits The World

The Brewers Association (BA) has just reported that export volume of American craft beer grew 49
percent in 2013 for an estimated $73 million in total sales., representing 282,526 barrels. Canada
remained the industry’s largest export market, with shipments increasing 92 % by volume (up to
131,511 barrels) in 2013. Sweden (15.5 percent) and the United Kingdom (7.9 percent) remained
the next two largest markets, with Australia (5.4 percent) and Japan (3.2 percent) following.

Shipments to Asia Pacific (non-Japan) increased by 73 % and accounted for 44,228 barrels.
American craft beer exports have increased substantially in the Asia-Pacific region largely due to
emerging markets such as Singapore (up 379 %), Hong Kong (up 150 %) and Thailand (up 99 %)..

Of course with this growth comes the added task of preserving quality within each individual SKU.
so consumers are assured a positive experience which in turn helps industry growth.
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Beer Beats The Flu

According to the medical journal Vaccine
the magic pill for preventing the common cold
might just be "moderate drinking."   Antioxidants
are nature’s way of protecting our cells against
free radicals that cause damage and makes our
body prone to diseases like cancers and beer is
rich with them thanks to the malted barley and
hops, which are two of beers main ingredients.
The brewing process plus these raw materials
contribute to beer’s content of polyphenols, which
have been shown to have useful anti-carcinogen
properties. They can also combat stress and
induce sleep. Their anti-inflammatory compounds
also fight bacteria and fungi.

The potent antioxidant activity of hops can also
protect the body against bladder complaints.
Research at Ghent University in Belgium showed
that hops in beer stop the spread of cancer from
one organ to another part of the body. The
findings showed that drinking beer in moderation
halved the chances of having an enlarged
prostate which could lead to prostate cancer.