Craft Beer Means
Better Business

A good craft beer selection has become
a key ingredient to restaurant success
according to a new survey by
consulting firm Technomic.  
The study showed that craft beer
selection alone is enough to draw 49%
of consumers to a restaurant!
Additionally, more than half of those
survey agreed a wide variety of craft
beer is an important factor in getting
them through the door of any licensed
establishment, whether it's a casual
dining stop or a high-end beer bar.

In surveying a nationally representative
sample of 500 adults who bought beer
away from home in the past 30 days,
Technomic also found that those
high-end beer bars only rank third as a
destination for beer drinkers, behind
casual dining restaurants and regular
bars with mainstream fare.

Beer Fights Wall Street

Beer lobbyists have started a fight with Wall Street over  an aluminum market rigged to, according
to them, line the pockets of big banks.  The claim is that the London Metal Exchange runs a very
complicated aluminum market worldwide and that metal users have complained for years about
banks and trading firms role in the London Metal Exchange's warehouse system.  They argue that
storage owners intentionally create bottlenecks and artificially raise the prices of metals.

Of all the metals being manipulated aluminum leads the way, say the beer lobbyists.  This
complaint has fell on deaf ears until recently when representatives from the Beer Institute,
MillerCoors, The American Beverage Association and others met with staffers at the
Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  Their combined influence achieved results - an
investigation co-opted by the Department of Justice.

The investigation proved fruitful as the Metal Exchange created a rule meant to expedite the
process for metal users trying to acquire aluminum.  The issue of price manipulation was however
tabled leading the Beer Institute to begin new lobbying efforts for further reform.


Walmart Beer Explodes

Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, has said it wants to double its alcohol sales by 2016.  
They are targeting beer to lead the way.  The company is hoping to great a significant chunk of the
off-premise US beer market which stands at nearly $30 billion a year.  To solidify its commitment,
Walmart has added over 100,000 square feet of refrigerated space across its 3.500 locations that
sell alcohol in the past 18 months.  Much of that space will likely be dedicated to selling larger
domestic brands from Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors, and major imports ranging from Heineken
and Crown, however Walmart representatives stated that they will make a serious effort to improve
and expand their offerings of craft beers.
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Edited by Jim Attacap
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Screw Top Cans

Anheuser Busch is soon to begin
rolling out Bud LIght in screw-top aluminum
bottles for the first time as the brewer seeks  
to stabilize the waning brand in the US where
consumers are turning to craft beers and other
beverages in big numbers.A-B has invested $150
million to create the new packaging, a 16-ounce
resealable light metal bottle.  The company will
back up the new bottle with Super Bowl
advertising early next year.  

A-B hopes consumers see the bottle as more
premium and more refreshing.  The bottle itself
uses less aluminum than traditional cans.  Market
testing showed that male drinkers especially liked
to play with the screw-top and enjoyed the "trust
me, I like it" flag on the bottleneck.

Bud Light did gain share in the third quarter of
2013 according to A-B despite the fact that sales
to retailers fell 3.3%.  Bud LIght has about 28% of
the US retail beer market, with its next closest
competitor, Coors LIght, at 8%