German Beer
Prices Rise

Across-the-board hikes in the price of
beer could bring an end to 20 years of
happy hour for the lovers of Germany's
favourite alcoholic drink. Three national
beverage groups - Bitburger,
Krombacher and Radeberger - have
announced price rises this autumn.
While bars are likely to pass on the
rises to customers, it remains unclear
whether supermarket chains will
follow suit. Chains routinely sell 20
half-litre bottles of standard pilsner
beer for 10 euros or less. The
greater part of Germany's beer is
consumed at home, not in bars.
Grocers often use beer as a "loss
leader," accepting zero profit so as to
entice shoppers into their stores to buy
other goods.  Producers claim the rises
are necessitated by the higher cost of
ingredients, energy and glass bottles.

College Drinking Fads

It's back to school time so what better way to move into the new academic year than to check in
what's the thing to do on campus when drinking beer (for those over 21 of course).  Here are the
top six ways college students will be enjoying their brews this year.

EDWARD FORTYHANDS- Named after the popular Johnny Depp movie "Edward Scissorhands," In
this activity participants have each hand duct taped to a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor.
The duct tape is only removed after the bottle is completely consumed.  

ICE LUGE: In an ice luge, beer is poured down the carved piece of ice into an eagerly
awaiting mouth.  The more involved the carving the better this is supposed to be.

SHOOT THE BOOT- Originally a rugby tradition, in shoot the boot beer is drunk
out of a used shoe — the more disgusting the better.  Those with really big feet
usually are the ones asked to donate their shoe.

DIZZY BAT -In dizzy bat, a can of beer is consumed through a wiffle ball bat,
which is then used to stabilize the drinker as they spin around 10 times with the bat
placed between their forehead and the ground. After spinning, the drinker must
attempt to hit a crushed beer can with the wiffle ball bat.  Some groups ask each
contestant sign a statement they have not used performance enhancing drugs.

T- WOLFING-T-wolfers consume their beer by biting out a piece of the side
of a beer can and drinking directly from the hole they've created.  Yes, they bit the can
with their teeth.  Rumor has it that several dentists created this fad to increase business.

POWER HOUR-A power hour consists of 60 minutes of continuous drinking,
usually accompanied by a special playlist featuring minute-long clips of songs.
Participants take a shot of beer every time the changes.  

There are of course a myriad of the usual suspects (beer pong, etc.) that will be used on
campuses around the country this year but one thing they all have in common is the beer
used. It only has to be cheap.  Anything with flavor is to be avoided at all costs.

Feature News  
Edited by Jim Attacap
the crossroads of the beer world
Emergency Rooms
and Beer

Nationwide, roughly a third of all
visits to emergency rooms for injuries
are alcohol related. A new  John Hopkins study
suggests that certain beverages may be more
likely to be involved than others.  The results
showed that five beer brands were consumed
most often by people who ended up in the
emergency room. They were Budweiser, Steel
Reserve, Colt 45, Bud Ice and Bud Light.  Three
of the brands are malt liquors, which typically
contain more alcohol than regular beer. Four malt
liquors accounted for nearly half of the beer
consumption by emergency room patients, even
though they account for less than 3 percent of
beer consumption in the general population.

Previous studies have found that alcohol
frequently plays a role in emergency room
admissions, especially those stemming from car
accidents, falls, homicides and drownings.