Clink To Be A Pal

Budweiser doesn’t think grabbing some
beers at a bar is quite social enough.
Or at least not social network enough.

The company has come up with the
Buddy Cup- a cup that when tapped
with another one of its kind allows the
two cup holders to become Facebook
friends. That’s right, no need to put
down the beer, take out the phone,
search for a name and then send a
friend request.So, how does it all work?

A computer chip with what Budweiser
calls a “bump sensor” is integrated into
the bottom of the cup. Also on the
bottom of the cup is a QR code, which
works with a Budweiser app to link the
cup to your Facebook account. When
two people clink glasses, the friend
request is sent from one to another.
Facebook, was selected since it's the
most used social media channel
by Budweiser drinkers..Clink

Marathon Beer

Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams, has filed a trademark for “Boston Strong” 26.2
Brew in the beer category. The trademark would allow for Boston Beer’s annual Marathon beer,
“26.2 Brew,” to be renamed with an eye toward supporting the victims of this year’s tragedy.

Boston Beer has long been a sponsor of the Marathon, brewing the race’s official beer. In light of
last week’s events, the company has pledged to donate all 2013 profits from the Boston 26.2 Brew
to the Greg Hill Foundation to support the victims and their families. The company has also
pledged to donate 100 percent of next year’s profits to Marathon-related charities.

Beer Sales Continue to Slide

The beer business is down 2.8% for the month of May continuing a downward slide over the past year.
Miller Lite was down by 8.8% in the period, while Bud Light sank by 6%. Budweiser plummeted
by 7.7%, Beer Marketer's reported. Even Coors Light -- which has been growing consistently in
recent years -- declined by 1.8%.  A-B InBev's global beer volumes declined by 4.1%, with Brazil
suffering a particularly rough quarter for which the brewer blamed poor weather, food inflation
and the earlier timing of Carnival. China was a bright spot, with volumes up by 15.5%.
A-B InBev appears to be banking on getting a boost from flavorful line extensions like
Bud Light Lime "Straw-Ber-Rita," a margarita-flavored malt beverage.  the brewer plans to launch
Stella Artois' Cidre in the U.S., which it describes as a "crisp, distinctive European cider" made from apples.
Part of A-B InBev's innovation strategy relies on higher-alcohol line extensions,
including new Budweiser Black Crown

Feature News  
Edited by Jim Attacap
the crossroads of the beer world

                    Beer Berlin Airlift

Almost 65 years after Allied planes flew
supplies into blockaded Berlin, a new
American import is arriving by air: craft beer.
The beer is being flown in as part of a new surge of
German interest in American brewing, upending a
centuries-old relationship in which German beer defined
the golden standard for brewing and Americans
emulated it. German consumers, intrigued by unfamiliar
flavors, are purchasing more imported beer and are
increasingly copying American efforts with their own
small-scale brewing operations.

The turnaround is shaking big German brewers, many
of whom like to say that they are the best in the world.
However some say German beer is  boring which
explains why consumption has been sliding since 1976  
Then, every person in Germany drank, on average,
three liters of beer a week. Now that is down by a third
and expected to keep dropping as older, ­beer-loving
customers die away.  Also, most German stores have
remained resolutely unvaried, almost always offering
just a handful of manufacturers and only rarely throwing
a ­non-German beer into the mix.