Can Drinks Like A Glass      

Sly Fox Brewing Company will become
the first brewery in North America to
utilize the innovative 360 Lid beverage
can technology developed by Crown
Holdings, Inc. The entire lid of the can
is removable— enhancing the drinking
experience while turning it into a
drinking vessel and eliminating the
need for separate glassware.

"This technology allows the full flavor
and aroma of the beer to hit the
drinker's senses and makes the can an
even more appealing package for
outdoor activities and situations where
you want to be able to move around
and sip your beer easily," said Sly Fox
Brewing Company head brewer Brian
O'Reilly.  "Also, Beverage cans offer
another key benefit: sustainability.
Metal is 100% recyclable and infinitely
recyclable;it can be reused many times"

Local Council Votes to Legalize Drunken Driving.

The small rural town of Kilgarvan, Ireland recently passed  calling for people who
live in country areas to be allowed to have a few beers before driving home.  To
some critics they were essentially legalizing drunken driving which was not the case
according to the councilmen.  The measure was proposed by Danny Healy-Rae, a local
pub owner and politician, with an eye to addressing two issues at once: the decline
of pub culture and the isolation of rural life, particularly for older residents.

Mr. Healy-Rae’s motion called on the minister for justice to allow the police the
discretion “to issue permits to people living in rural isolated areas to allow them to drive
home from their nearest pub after having two or three drinks on little-used roads
driving at very low speeds.” Political rivals, however, labeled it an empty, populist stunt.
But the fact that it passed at all and is even widely regarded as a potential vote-winner
speaks volumes for the complex hold that alcohol still has in many facets of Irish life.

Since the drinking motion was passed, Healy-Rae's pub has hosted film crews from
across Europe and beyond. Mr. Healy-Rae continues to stand his ground despite an
avalanche of criticism from government politicians, the road safety authorities
and the many people who have lost loved ones to drunken drivers.

His response to the critics is that the law is mainly for elderly people who live in very
remote places who come to town to get a bit of shopping, enjoy a couple of pints and a
chat with friends and then drive home at less than 30 miles an hour. “These are not the
ones causing accidents. What is the alternative for them where no public or other
transport is available? Staying at home lonely, staring at the four walls?”
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            St. Patrick's Day Results

Did you wonder if USA beer sales were larger
this past St. Patrick's Day than last years?
Well the results are now in.  According to
GuestMetrics, based on its database of POS sales, food
& beverage sales over the St. Patrick’s 3-day Weekend
there was solid sales growth of +2.5% compared to the
prior year mainly thanks to the holiday falling on a
Sunday this year vs. Saturday year ago.  One negative
was that bar traffic was about 1% below last year’s level
but that was offset by pricing being up 4%.  

The overall dollar sales growth was largely driven by the
spirits and wine categories, which both posted sales
growth at around 6%, while food and cocktails sales
grew about 2%, and beer and non-alcoholic beverage
dollar sales were both flattish compared to the prior year.

In terms of comparing the actual date of March 17th
from last year, (Saturday, against Sunday)  food and
beverage sales this year are about 33% below last year,
which is why most analysts feel it is more meaningful to
compare the rolled up weekends against each other