Sinatra Barrels      

In recognition of the relationship
between two American icons, Jack
Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, in
association with Frank Sinatra
Enterprises is launching a new ultra-
premium whiskey crafted from special
“Sinatra barrels”.  The Jack Daniel’s
Sinatra Select is bottled at 90 proof and
comes in a specially designed one- liter
bottle. The package also includes a a
special gift box and book telling the
story of the legendary Jack Daniel’s
and Frank Sinatra relationship.

On stages throughout the world from
1950s thru the 1990s, Sinatra would
always offer a toast to his audience with
a glass of Jack Daniel’s in his hand.
Hand selected by the Master Distiller
Jeff Arnett, “Sinatra barrels” used to
make the product were crafted to
provide an extra full character and
darker rich amber color by exposing the
spirit to extra layers of toasted wood on
the inner surface of the barrels.

World's Strongest Black & Tan

First let's start by defining a "Black & Tan".  It is a beer made by the combining
of a pale ale (or bitter, or mild) with a dark beer such as a stout or porter.  The key here is
specifically not to blend the two beers, rather, to have the darker beer sit on top of
the other beer in the glass.  The primary reason you will get two separate layers of color is that
one beer is actually lighter than the other. If the beer is carbonated with nitrogen (nitronated)
it will be lighter than a beer carbonated with carbon dioxide because nitrogen is a lighter gas.

Most commonly, and some will tell you traditionally, Guinness Stout and Bass Pale Ale
are the beers that make up a black and tan. The reason most think this way is because that
is how Guinness has promoted their black and tan. Others will claim that it is better if it is
all Irish and use Harp instead of Bass, but reality is that the Irish rarely have heard of the
drink. Truth be known, Guinness Imports Ltd. also imports Bass Ale… now you understand.

For the world's strongest Black & Tan you can forget about Guinness or any other import; this is an
all Dogfish deal using their 120 minute IPA (18% ABV) and their World Wide Stout (10%ABV).
Once you have a bottle of each follow these easy directions-
1.Pour half of a bottle of the 120 IPA in a pint glass
2.Gently, fill the glass the rest of the way with the World Wide Stout
by pouring the stout over the back of a spoon.

The real trick is to get the stout in as gently as possible and the spoon helps accomplish this by
dispersing the liquid. Traditionally, you use the back of the spoon like the traditional “black
and tan spoon”. However,  the best means to get the World Wide Stout in there without
disturbing anything is to have it trickle lightly down the inside of the glass. Using the front
side of the spoon in contact with the glass seems to do the same, if not better.  

Sit back and enjoy your artistic creation, then sip.  It doesn't get much better than this.  
Of course remember it packs quite a punch.  After all, it is the world's strongest Black and Tan!
Feature News  
Edited by Jim Attacap
the crossroads of the beer world

              New Guinness Glass

You’ve seen QR codes, right? They’ve been
popping up all over the place for the last few
years. QR codes are two-dimensional “bar
codes”, but can contain much more information
than a traditional bar code. The idea is that you scan it
with the camera in your smartphone and you can get all
kinds of information; more than can fit on a poster, and
in much less space.

Guinness have come up with a fairly inventive marketing
gimmick. They’ve put glasses out there with QR codes
embedded on them. The thing is, though, the code is
printed in white. So, when the glass is empty, or filled
with some weak, pansy, light lager, there’s not enough
contrast to read the code. Fill the glass with inky black
Guinness, though, and there’s a pot of gold under that
geeky rainbow.

Of course, you could put any dark beer worth it’s name
in there (or a cola, if you’re so inclined) and it will work
just as well. However, since the code “tweets about your
pint, updates your facebook status, checks you in via 4
square, downloads coupons and promotions, invites
your friends to join, and even launches exclusive
Guiness content” there’s probably not much point