Automatic refills!

A Japanese electronics
company has developed
drinking glasses that
signal when they are
almost empty so the
bartender will know when
to bring a refill.

A microchip and coil in the
base of each glass interact
with a coating on the
surface of the vessel to
work out how full it is and
signals this to a base

The dishwasher safe
glasses were developed by
Mitsubishi Electric
Research Laboratories in
Cambridge, MA.
Feature News  from Draught Board 15  &
The stealth beer

Pabst Blue Ribbon, once near oblivion, saw sales
rocket up 9.4% last year in supermarkets and an
amazing 134% overall  in Chicago alone.  Even more
surprising is that it is now the number five ranked beer
in the city of Portland, famed as an oasis of

Even the people at Pabst, which has barely advertised
for more than 20 years, found the sales increase
difficult to explain.  The dominant theory is that the
Pabst’s fan base grew not despite the lack of
marketing support, but because of it.  Anti-corporate
youth, lead by bike messengers, have adopted Pabst
particularly because it does not market itself.

To play into this Pabst has adopted a very low key,
almost incognito marketing plan so it can maintain its
street credibility with its  “lifestyle as dissent” or
“consumption as protest” constituencies.