by Champ Kind

Stone hit a home run with "Enjoy By 9.21.12" Double IPA.  
Anyone who has tried it knows what I'm talking about.  Its
aroma carried 2-3 feet away from the glass, which was just
the beginning of this super fresh hoppy experience.  
Well done Stone!

New Jersey was fortunate to be 1 of 3 markets to get it.  
Whether it was a thank you for NJ's significant interest in
Stone's beer, or whether it was market research to evaluate a
possible east coast facility, it was a  win win for NJ craft junkies.

I can't be the only one who called a store to confirm shipment
before driving to a store. However these calls were met with
mixed responses - folks who knew exactly what the beer was,
folks who had no clue and others that played things
abnormally too close to the vest.  

I could have rambled on about specific examples to appease
fact checkers and called out specific stores. However, in the
interest of brevity, I found it best to mention a few key
observations and opinions about this recent release so
some folks can learn from their mistakes:

*If you are a retailer lucky enough to get a rare release, make
sure that you and your employees are educated enough
to be minimally responsive whether you even have it in
stock. If that isn't important to you, kindly pass on the beer
so another retailer who takes pride in that aspect of their business
can do so. But don't say you don't have it when I know you do.

#Watch what you say on your social media sites before you BS us.

*If you are a retailer and want to put aside all of your rare beers and
pre-sell them to your friends, then you don't deserve any.  Also,  if you
think it makes sense to brag about that very issue to other customers,
then you truly are clueless.

*If you are a retailer and think that people won't talk about the fact
that you told differing stories to various people about your
total supply and maximum bottle limits, think again.  

*For those stores that stuck with a strict bottle maximum for all
customers (and I know a few that did) this is commendable and fair.

#Honest Retailers.  
*If you are a distributor and know that stores and bars are not
operating above board with how they are selling rare releases,
please call them out or set a recommended bottle limit in advance,  
even if the limit exists only for the first few days.

There is no way that a reputable, user-friendly brewers like Stone
would put up with some of these antics if they knew about them.

#Don't let this happen again.
Champ Kind sets things
straight on the Stone Enjoy
by 9/21/12 IPA debacle.
Champ Kind takes no
prisoners in his analysis of
what's right and wrong in beer.

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