Bllind Beer Tasting
Phillip R. Glass

The folks at Stirling Hotel allowed a select group of the BeerNexus writing staff
to hold a blind beer tasting.  The writers were Arty Hannemann, Arny Lands,
Gina Miller, Bill Keeper,  and Vince Capano.  As their server I was the only
one in the room who actually knew what each beer was. Here are the results.
Beer #1 Southampton Keller Pils
Taster / Nose / Color / Body / How Hoppy / Guess style / Guess Beer

Arty H - No Nose/ Light Cloudy/ Lagery Body/ Crisp Hop/pilsner/Victory Pils
Arny L - Mild Nose/Light/ Mild Body/ Slight Hop taste/summer ale/Anchor
Gina M - Nose Slight Hop/ Light Amber/Body Light/Too hoppy for
body/pilsner/ ??
Bill K -   Crisp Nose/Crisp Color/Crisp Body/Crispy hops/ Crisp lager/
Vince/ -This beer has no nose..then how does it smell?...Like a beer!
(chuckles)  light, unfiltered/pilsenery body/hopped like a pils/Keller Pils/  Is it

 For a beer that has no nose, Vince hit that one on the nose !!!  
                                     Overal group rating B+

Beer #2--Brooklyn Concoction
Taster / Nose / Color / Body / How Hoppy / Guess style / Guess Beer

Arty- Weird nose/ Amber Color/ Yuck-Body is awful/ Lighthops/ is this a
homebrew gone bad?    
Arny-Not much nose/ Brown/ Tonicy or medicinal/ spices? hops light/ Brown
ale? / No guess on this one-not a good beer at all.
Gina-No Nose/ Brown/ Watery brown weird gin flavor/ light hop/ Brown Ale? /
I'm not sure but I know I never had this before, somebodys seasonal?
Bill- Uncrisp/ Light Brown/ People drink this?/ No crispy hop-weird spice/
Brown/ Maybe a seasonal brown from a mega brewery but no idea who.
Vince- Gin like nose/ Amber/ Light body weird spice/ light hop/
Style-experimental.  Probably some brewmasters special reserve release-
Magic Hat or Broklyn

               Once again Vince geusses correctly, 2 for 2 !
        Even though he can't spellBrooklyn correctly (Broklyn).
                                    Overall group rating  D-

 Beer #3--Southern Tier Farmers Tan
Taster/ Nose / Color / Body / How Hoppy / Guess style / Guess Beer

Arty-Hoppy nose/ Clear color/ Light body-spicy fruit/ Pretty hoppy balance/
Best so far summer style/ Maybe Southern Tier or Lagunitas
Arny- Hopnose/ Light Color and body/ slightly fruity good hop profile/
balanced well/ Summer Ale or Lager/ Stone or Southern Tier
Gina-Nice Hoppy Nose/ Light Amber/ Fruity Malt/ Hoppy delicious/ Summer
Ale style/ Maybe Victory or Southern Tier
Bill-Peppery crisp hop nose/ Light Crisp color/ Fruity crisp body-dry/ Hoppy !
Good balanced summer session beer I geuss Sly Fox, Victory or Stone
Vince- Hoppy Spicy Nose/ Light color/ Nice fruity spicy dry body almost crisp
Great Hop Profile with a peppery finish/ I think I had this one at
The Tap Room
so I'll geuss Southern Tier Farmers Tan

This time alot of people geussed the brewery correctly, but Vince shows his
beer chops by naming the exact beer! Hat Trick! That's 3 for 3... Go Vince !!
                                      Overall group rating  C

Beer #4--Thornbridge Raven Black IPA
Taster / Nose / Color / Body / How Hoppy / Guess style / Guess Beer

Arty-  Malty light nose/ Black like porter/ Light body/ Nice hop/ Black IPA?/ I
would geuss Harpoon or Thornbridge due to the light body
Arny-  Malty nose/ Dark Ale color/ Roasty medium body/ Strong Ale or Dark
IPA/ An English brewry or maybe Long Trail Special brew not sure
Gina- Nose like a strong ale/ Dark color/ Roasty malty body/Heavy Hop like
IPA/ Maybe one of those new Black IPA's I call porters- Sly Fox or Long Trail
Bill- Slight hop malty nose/ Dark Like Dark IPA/ Roasty malt body/ Crisp Hop
profile/ I geuss a dark IPA like the Thornbridge I had the other day at the
Gaslight Brewpub
Vince - Light hop nose/ Dark color/ Slightly roasty body/ Good hop profile/
I think I remember this from the other nite when I was at
Gaslight. My guess
would have to be Thornbridge Black IPA

Arty and Bill got it right but look at Vince scoring the first ever blind
                tasting Grand Slam that's 4 for 4....Go Vince
                                       Overall group rating  B

Beer #5--Keegans Mothers Milk Stout

Taster / Nose / Color / Body / How Hoppy / Guess style / Guess Beer

Arty-  Not much nose/ Black Stout/ Malty Smooth Milky Body/ Medium hop/
Definately a cream or milk stout/ I think I had this one at Maloneys so I will have
to geuss Keegans Milk Stout
Arny- Nose like a stout/ Black like Stout/ Creamy body like stout/ Low hop
profile like a stout/ Stout probably from Stoudts or Keegan
Gina/ Not much nose/ Dark/ Creamy delicious body/ Mild hops/ Stout style
all the way/ Smuttynose or perhaps Keegan
Bill-  Crisp Stout Nose/ Dark Crisp color/ Crisp creamy body/ Mild Hop/ Stout
Sly Fox or Keegans
Vince- Nose like a Guinness/ Black color/ Creamy stout robust/ Mild Hop/
Definately a Milk Stout and I think I know wich one I had this at the Copper
Mine the other day--Keegans Milk Stout

  Everyone guessed Keegans, but once again believe it or not Vince
showed off his mighty beer chops by naming the exact beer !!!!!
                                      Overall group rating  B+

  This was alot of fun, once again thanks to the folks at Stirling Hotel.
      Maybe next time we'll have some fellow bar patrons join in.
    Until then...Don't settle for mediocre beer..Drink Well My Friends!
                                                  - SPECIAL REPORT
Beer Writers Blind Tasting