The Beer Muse

There was a time when my life had no zest
A flavorless life is what I possessed
A solitary person on a most important quest
To find that certain something
To quench my thirst the best
The decision was made and my fate was sealed
My longing for flavor could no longer be concealed

The next leg of the journey was not a big feat for me
I took a drive and walked right into
The local brewpub and eatery
Within those walls my excursion
Took a most interesting turn
There was a plethora of alcoholic beverages
For my taste buds to yearn
Where did it begin?
Oh, and where did it end?

I decided the best choice was to jump right in
For my first choice I knew that nothing could be finer
Than to wet my palate with a  Raspberry cider
The crispness, the  tingling
Threw me over the top
The intense sensation of fruitiness
To the exact last drop

A top ‘o the morning
To the Irish mead
To the bartender more tips
For this pleasant mead was
Sweeter than a fair maiden's lips
Over to the brisk taste of an amber
The refreshment of a smooth  pale
I was hanging on the edge
Waiting for my  cask-conditioned ale

My craving wasn't quite fulfilled
There was one more  drink to try out
I needed to know just how dark and rich
Was a pint of stout

With one foot out of the door
I knew I would be back
But for this night's journey
There was nothing more I lacked
My mission had ended on the happiest note
On this night I felt not a drop of  sorrow
My heart had finally said goodbye to tastelessness
My head, hello to a welcomed hangover tomorrow

Gwendolyn Rose Ojeda