Gwendolyn Rose Ojeda

A top ‘o the morning
To the Irish mead
To the bartender more tips
For this pleasant mead was
Sweeter than a fair maiden's lips
Over to the brisk taste of an amber
The refreshment of a smooth  pale
I was hanging on the edge
Waiting for my  cask-conditioned ale


Brian Hutton

Golden, amber, pale or porter,
doesn't matter,
just bring me a beer
clear as the Northern night,
fresh as the company I keep.
And maybe just one more before I sleep.


Marcus Kevin Fishly

There once was a man who did not have a fear
when he sat down and drank a six pack of beer
his belly did bloat, his weight it did rise
but the beer gave the feeling of being so wise

The thought of it cooling, so frosted and near
in the mug it sits so golden that beer
the taste is so good never bitter or queer
bringing always a laugh and never a tear

Many a time in that room full of cheer
a wrong emotion did come from that beer
it was never right to hold it so dear
replacing importance with just another cold beer

William Butler Yeats

A statesman is an easy man, he tells his lies by rote.
A journalist invents his lies, and rams them down your
So stay at home and drink your beer and let the
neighbors vote.


Oliver Holmes

Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain,
With grammar, and nonsense, and learning;
Good liquor, I stoutly maintain,
Gives genius better discerning.

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Louis Burns

A bottle of strong beer
is not just an ordinary drink
It contains more philosophy
Than you would ever think


Ann Onymous

There is a tavern in the town
And there my true love sits him down
And drinks his beer with laughter and with glee
And never, never thinks of me



The man that isn't jolly after drinking
Is just a driveling idiot to my thinking.


Henry Aldrich

If all be true that I do think,
There are five good reasons why we should drink
Good beer - a friend - of being dry
or least we should be by and by
or any other reasons why


Astor Winston

Sir, if you were my husband
I would poison your drink
Madam, here's what I think
If you were my wife
I would welcome that drink


Richard Sheridan

And here's to the housewife that's thrifty
Let the toast pass;
Drink to the lass;
I'll warrant she'll rove and excuse  for the glass


Jackson  Stone

I like beer - its taste and effect
It's always so cool and wet
And that's is just the reason why
I' ll drink it until the day I die


Toby Keith

I love this bar,
It's my kind of place.
Just walk in through the front door,
Puts a big smile on my face.
It ain't too far; come as you are.
Mm, mm, mmm, mmm, mmm, I love this bar.


Ray Scott

Drinkin' beer, out on the lake,
in a big ol' boat, kickin' up a wake
It's a good day to be anywhere, drinkin' beer
Drinkin' beer, at the go-kart race,
there ain't nothin' that puts a silly grin on my face
Like seein' all that dust just flyin' in the air, drinkin' beer


Hank Thompson

Hey Mr Bartender please don't be so slow
I've got time for me more round and a six pack to go
Tomorrow morning's Sunday I'm gonna be feeling low
So please please bartender I want a six pack to go
I've be a drinking all day long taking in the town
I've done spent my whole paycheck
just a honky tonking round


Karl Casey

Ale and Lager were fighting it out:
Money was bet on which had more clout
Ale got hit and went down first,
Lager was now heir to my thirst.


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