That Is A Beautiful Beer
by Greg Champion

I have drunk mountain water
from a cool crystal stream
and it left me oh so purified
wholesome, sober and clean

I have sampled many a fancy grog
of the finest quality
but this little cool drink I hold in my hand
tastes just about perfect to me,
and I tell you

That is a beautiful beer, oh
that is a beautiful beer
I've had some beaut ones some rooty toot toot
ones, but
that is a beautiful beer

Greg Champion
Beer is Great
by Lana Sullivan

Beer is great
Beer is good.
Beer makes you do
Bad things
Under the hood.
Beer makes you dizzy
And can make you get busy.
Beer can make you yell and scream,
Beer can make you do those things
you never would of dreamed.

Lana Sullivan
The Answer is Beer
by Al Calde

If wine be the liquid of the snobs
then beer is the liquid of the gods

So immerse yourself in suds and bubbles
and you will soon forget all yourtroubles

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