Touring a Micro-Brewery
By Mark Ihrig
Smell the gristness at the
micro-tour door.
Gaze out across the brew space
with wonder.

Notice the equipment about the floor:
Stacks and sacks of grains and yeast
and under
These stocks of kegs and
beer hoses spraying.

Walk with the guide and hear
her explaining
Time, temperature
and methods of draining.

Drub and scrub,
sparging, market and weighing.

Peering down into the
fermentation tank,
follow the urge to heave your self in.

Sweet to go floating ‘pon carbonation
Swollowing ale
the wades ‘bout the lips and chin.

Having risen from the vat
with samples in view,
Toast the next tour, sipping beer from your

Mark Ihrig

On The Bar Stool
by Ogilvy Mace

Barman, buy yourself a drink
And get me one while you're there!
Don't feed me your dogma
Hand over that vodka!
Chill the glass at four below
Pour it straight then sip it slow
The coldest heart gives
The warmest kiss
But its aftertaste
Is the bitterest

Ogilvy Mace

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