Marshall McKnight

Oh! I have loved thee fondly, ever
Preferr’d thee to the choicest wine;
From thee my lips they could not sever
By saying thou contain’dst strychnine.
Did I believe the slander? Never!
I held thee still to be divine.

For me thy color hath a charm,
Although ’tis true they call thee Pale;
And be thou cold when I am warm,
As late I’ve been—so high the scale
Of Fahrenheit—and febrile harm
Allay, refrigerating Ale!

How sweet thou art!—yet bitter, too
And sparkling, like satiric fun;
But how much better thee to brew,
Than a conundrum or a pun,
It is, in every point of view,
Must be allow’d by every one.

Refresh my heart and cool my throat,
Light, airy child of malt and hops!
That dost not stuff, engross, and bloat
The skin, the sides, the chin, the chops,
And burst the buttons off the coat,
Like stout and porter—fattening slops!


Charles Calverley

O Beer! O Hodgson, Guinness, Allsop, Bass!
Names that should be on every infant’s tongue!

Shall days and months and years and centuries
And still your merits be unrecked, unsung?

Oh! I have gazed into my foaming glass,
And wished that lyre could yet again be strung
Which once rang prophet-like through Greece, and
taught her

Misguided sons that “the best drink was water.”
How would he now recant that wild opinion


Juan Olivarez

One little beer can be alright,
One big black beer, or maybe a lite.
Two beers down you begin to glow,
And you'll be singing, before you know.

Three beers in your stomach, and thats ok,
Cause to your own bed you still know the way.
Four empty bottles and you'll agree,
It's getting harder and harder to see.

Five beers down and you start to sway,
But on that stool you want to stay.
Six beers down the hatch, so easily,
And there's no other place, you'd rather to be.


If I were a beer bottle
I would always have a nice brown tan,
to go with
my always perfectly molded shape

never would you mistaken
my name, nor’ the labels
I wear.

never would you forget
where you put me, you’d
notice when I’m me gone


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