Robert Graves

“What do you think
The bravest drink
Under the sky?”
“Strong beer,” said I.

“There’s a place for everything,
Everything, anything,
There’s a place for everything
Where it ought to be:
For a chicken, the hen’s wing;
For poison, the bee’s sting;
For almond-blossom, Spring;
A beerhouse for me.”


John F McCullagh

Why is it that drinkers of wine
All fancy themselves connoisseurs;
As they sniff, swirl, sip and spit-
They’re all Robert Parkers I’m sure.

They talk about bouquet and fragrance,
hints of chocolate they find in the wine.
I sip on the wine and I’m puzzled
as I never find chocolate in mine.


Travis McCullers

I'd rather drink beer--
Than talk about it.

So when you're finished with
your lush anecdotes--
Could you grab me one?


Dominique Bernier-Cormier

I walk in gardens full of books
slam roses by the pound
print ink by the gallon
drink coffee from a flask.
yeah I love T.S. Eliot
but I like beer better


Robert Turner

Alarm clock dead, power's out
What've I got to shout about?
Running late, we're behind
It's things like this make me lose my mind

Hot girls, Cold Beer, Fridge full, Good Cheer
Why can't life be a beer ad for me?
Great view, Fast Cars, Good Friends, Full Bars
Why can't life be a beer ad for me?


Jack O'Brien

A little bit of green
A little bit of beer
Will always make for a good holiday
Of drunken cheer

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