Thomas Peacock

But if at the Church they would give us some ale,
And a pleasant fire our souls to regale,
We'd sing and we'd pray all the live-long day,
And never once wish from the Church to stray.


Jordan McKenzie

"I drink to your health when I'm with you,
I drink to your health when you're gone,
I drink to your health so often,
I'm worrying about my own."

W. K.  Sterling

We'll drink from the bottomless bottle,
indulge from the stoutest of kegs.
We'll sip from the tallest of tankards.
We'll drain from the brim to the dregs.
Again, again, we'll drink 'til we no longer stand.
'Til then, 'til then,
we'll drink with the bestest of friends.
So, raise all your mugs to the heavens
and drink to the health of all men.

William Aytoun

Ah, liberty! how like thou art
To this large bottle lying here,
Which yesterday from foreign mart,
Came filled with potent English beer!

A touch of steel—a hand—a gush—
A pop that sounded far and near—
A wild emotion—liquid rush—
And I had drunk that English beer!


Francis Sultus

What merry fairy, oh cool, delicious beer,
Gave thee the power through centuries to maintain
A charm that soothes dull care, and laughs at pain;
A power sad hearts to vitalize and cheer?


Robert Graves

“What do you think
The bravest drink
Under the sky?”
“Strong beer,” said I.

“There’s a place for everything,
Everything, anything,
There’s a place for everything
Where it ought to be:
For a chicken, the hen’s wing;
For poison, the bee’s sting;
For almond-blossom, Spring;
A beerhouse for me.”

C.A. Holland

Do I blast the boss
Or just leave and have a beer?
Hey! Why not do both?


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