Jack Le'Grange

You’ve got beer to taste?
I’m there  Post-haste
But, please, nothing low quality
See, I know my zymology.

Tom Festa

He is a jolly man who loves beer,
How much he can drink is not clear
From hop bombs to Belgians
There really is no tell’ns
What new tastes he will find with a cheer.

Daniel McCourt

I’m a hardly a lager lout,
but more a devotee of an intense stout,
or an IPA with clout,
with a porter penchant quite devout!

Sondra Evans

I’m just average girl who is a bit thin;
Too often mistaken for a chick who’d like tonic and gin,
But my beer-raised taste buds disagree;
The way to my heart is a brew with a high ABV.

Eva Rachling

Too many snobs!
What should I do?
Forget the grapes
and drink Belgian brew.

Juan Olivarez

One little beer can be alright,
One big black beer, or maybe a lite.
Two beers down you begin to glow,
And you'll be singing, before you know.

Julie Fuller

he stares down the empty bottle
graceful brown glass shattering his pride
swarthy foam defying his ambition
a reluctant sigh escapes
as he comes to the slow realization
in a moment of despair
he cannot write a poem
about an empty beer bottle

David Badgerow

hold my beer
I finish with your kiss
hold my hand
it can't get better,
this is bliss.

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