Leo Wineglass

You guys came by to have some fun.
You'll come and stay all night, I fear.
But I know how to make you run.
I'll serve you all macro beer.


Jack Christain

"Drink to the girls
and drink to their mothers,
Drink to their fathers
and drink to their brothers;
Toast their dear healths as long as you are able,
And dream of their charms
while you're under the table!"


Bob Russo

Beer! Beer! Beer!
We all adore you,
Beer! Beer! Beer!
We love to see you foam;
When we for wine abjure you,
We miss you, we assure you,
For it's only with clear sparkling beer,
That we feel at home.


Alexandria Talbot

Let's drink the liquid of amber so bright;
Let's drink the liquid with foam snowy white;
Let's drink the liquid that brings all good cheer,
Oh, where is the drink like old-fashioned beer.


James Monroe McLean

To the old guard, the older we grow,
The more we take and the less we know.
At least the young men tell us so,
But the day will come, when they shall know
Exactly how far a glass can go,
To win the battle, 'gainst age, the foe.
Here's youth....in a glass of wine.


Edgar Allan Poe

Fill with mingled cream and amber,
I will drain that glass again.
Such hilarious visions clamber
Through the chambers of my brain.
Quaintest thoughts, queerest fancies
Come to life and fade away;
What care I how time advances?
I am drinking ale today.

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