Wallace Rice

There is a rule to drink,
I think,
A rule of three
That you ‘ll agree
With me
Cannot be beat
And tends our lives to sweeten:
Drink beer ere you eat,
And while you eat,
And after you have eaten!


Thomas Hood

It’s wery well to talk in praise
Of Tea And Water-drinking ways,
in proper time and place;
Of Sober draughts, so clear and cool,
Dipp’d out of transparent pool
Reflecting heave’s face.

When Winter comes with piercing cold,
And all the rivers, new or old,
Is frozen far and wide;
And limpid springs is solid stuff,
And crystal pools is hard enough
To skate upon and slide; –

What then are thirsty men to do,
But drink of ale, and porter too,
Champagne as makes a fizz;
Port, sherry, or the Rhenish sort,
And p’rhaps a drop of summut short–
The water-pipes is friz!


Eugene Field

Come, brothers, share the fellowship
We celebrate to-night;
There ’s grace of song on every lip
And every heart is light!

But first, before our mentor chimes
The hour of jubilee,
Let’s drink a health to good old times,
And good times yet to be!

  Clink, clink, clink!
  Merrily let us drink!
      There ’s store of wealth
      And more of health
  In every glass, we think.
  Clink, clink, clink!
  To fellowship we drink!
      And from the bowl
      No genial soul
  In such an hour can shrink.


Henry Aldrich

If all be true that I do think,
There are five reasons we should drink;
Good brew — a friend — or being dry —
Or lest we should be by and by —
Or any other reason why.


Eva Rachaell

The beer squirted east and west.
It squirted north and south.
Upon my shirt, my pants, my hair,
but nothing in my mouth.

I'm sure that soon they'll fix it
but, until then, let me think...
just whom can I convince that they
should come and have a drink?

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