Neil Watson

Let's drink the liquid of amber so bright;
Let's drink the liquid with foam snowy while;
Let's drink the liquid that brings all good cheer;
Oh, where is the drink like old-fashioned beer?


Anthony Buke

Who'd care to be a bee and sip
Sweet honey from the flower's lip
When he might be a fly and steer
Head first into a can of beer?


Landis Kaplin

  Twas ever thus from childhood's hour,
I've seen my fond hopes disappear;
I've a1ways had a champagne thirst,
But have to be content with beer


W.S. Hassoldt

None so deaf as those who will not hear.
None so blind as those who will not see.
But I'll wager none so deaf nor blind that he
Sees not nor hears me say come drink this beer.


R.S. Lorrie

O thrice accursed
Be a champagne thirst
When the price of beer's all we've got.


Lord Williams

Such power hath beer.
The heart where
Grief hath cankered
Hath one unfailing remedy-the tankard

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