Monte McKay

We invoke the spirit of King Gambrinus
To weave enchantment ‘twixt and ‘tween us
As we sup our fill in peace
And bib aplenty on broth of yeast
Gently inspired by the barley’s ghost,
Blessings on the brewer and the publican host


Anthony Burke

There is something about a beer
A tingle exceedingly pleasant
A yellow, a mellow brew
I think that I'll have one at present

There is something about a beer
'Ere the dining and dancing begin
And to tell you the truth a lot,
It is not the malt
I think that, perhaps, it's the hop


Tom Stocker

There are those who drink...
and those who pound,
and those who don't...
are bound to frown.
No matter what you say do...
Always cheer your frosty brew!


Louis Untermeyer

  Beer beer its all here,
one glass full...
and one for my peer.
Life alas, is very drear.
Up with the glass,
down with the beer!


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