Jackson Cuff

I’m just a humble homebrewer,
I’ve got no shiny copper.

I only brew five gallons a batch –
just boil ‘er up and hop ‘er.

No foil labels, no fancy caps,
just plain glass bottle and stopper;

I pay no tax, I just brew and relax…
then grab a beer and pop ‘er!


D.J. Nadjas

We invoke the spirit of King Gambrinus

To weave enchantment ‘twixt and ‘tween us

As we sup our fill on flesh of beast

And bib aplenty on broth of yeast

Gently inspired by the barley’s ghost,

Blessings on the brewer and the publican host


Anthony Burke

‘tis not an impropriety

I assure the prohibitionist society.

But with restrained hilarity

And well intentioned jocularity

I blow foam in the face of sobriety!


Arnie Lands

Hey bartender, gimme a brew

-and I don’t mean coffee or tea.

These pedestrian drinks may suit the rest,

But beer is the drink for me!


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