Pure water is the best of
gifts that man to man can bring.
But who am I that I should have
the best of anything?Let princes revel at the pump,
let peers with ponds make free,
...beer is good enough for me


Jonathan Carls

On the chest of a barmaid in Sale
Were tattooed the prices of ale
And on her behind
For the Sake of the blind
Was the same information in Braille


P. J. Sterlling

I like beer 'cos it is good
I drink beer because I should
if there was a song to sing
I sing it and beer you bring
I drink beer when I am sad
''cause the beer it makes me glad
now there's nothing left to say
so lets go drink beer


Rodney Carrington

Our work day's done.
Go grab a shower!
Let's hit the pub.
It's Happy Hour.

If we get bombed.
Who gives a damn?
I'm not as drunk,
As you think I am.

So by another round.
We'll sit right here,
and drink 'em down.
Get everyone
another beer.
You'll have to kick
us outta here.

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