To Girls Who Don't Drink Beer

She walked into my bar
As if she owned the place
She moved with a rhythm
and oozed certain grace
I knew she was it
What I needed to live
I was all finished taking
And ready to give
So I called over Jeff
and asked what he knew
But he was all out of info
So I orderd 2 brews
I approached her with caution
and a pint of cold beer
My intentions were honest
my heart was sincere
I asked her please sit
and drink this with me
she said "I don't drink beer"
I'll take a long island Iced Tea
I sat there in shock
I didn't know what to do
So I ordered her one
While I drank the two
And the sweat on the glass
fell just like my tear
cause there is no room in my heart
for girls that don't drink beer


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