That abstinence from Malt
Has always struck me as extremely curious.
The Greek mind must have had some vital fault,
That they should stick to liquors so injurious --
(Wine, water, tempered p'raps with Attic salt) --
And not at once invent that mild, luxurious,
And artful beverage, Beer. How the digestion
Got on without it, is a startling question.


Kevin Fiish

There once was a man who did not have a fear
when he sat down and drank a six pack of beer
his belly did bloat, his weight it did rise
but the beer gave the feeling of being so wise

The thought of it cooling, so frosted and near
in the mug it sits so golden that beer
the taste is so good never bitter or queer
bringing always a laugh and never a tear

Many a time in that room full of cheer
a wrong emotion did come from that beer
it was never right to hold it so dear
replacing importance with just another cold beer


Herbet Nehrlich

For those of you who like their beer
I'm writing what you need to hear.
The vitamins B-six and two
are present and so good for you.
A bit of substance folic acid
keeps belly folds from going flaccid.
Though beer is one good diuretic
(and, in excess, a strong emetic)
so let the doubters drink their booze
and in the morning face the blues.
Australia makes some lovely Ale
and I must end this little tale
and grab a can as cold as ice
it's great I have no other vice.


Karen Pisake

I've never made a fortune
And it's prob'ly too late now;
But I don't worry 'bout that much,
I'm happy anyhow!

Beer everyday is my way
Lift'n a pint is really nice.
I'm drinkin' good beer,
'Cause my mug has overflowed!

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