O, for a draught of vintage! that hath been
Cool'd a long age in the deep-delv'd earth,
Tasting of Flora and the country-green,
Dance, and Provencal song, and sunburnt mirth!
Oh, for a beaker of the warm South,
Full of the true, the blushful Hippocrene,
With beaded bubbles winking at the brim,
And purple-stained mouth;
That I might drink and leave the world unseen,
And with thee fade away into the forest dim.


C.C. Zarr

Said Aristotle unto Plato,

'Have another sweet potato?'

Said Plato unto Aristotle,

'Thank you, I prefer the beer bottle.'


Andrew Howstack

Glorious! Glorious!
One keg of beer for the four of us!
Glory be to God there are no more of us!
Because the four of us can drink it alone!


D.R. Soused

"I would drink beer with a goat,
on a boat,
in a box,
in my sox,
in a car,
at a bar.
I do, I do, I do like beer!"     


Dave Minisag

Beer--with out it a boilermaker would just be a shot
that nobody would really want

Beer-the only thing you can drink
where the water stinks.


Kevin Ifishy

I'm only here for the the beer.
There's a terrific draught in here

pull the hand pump, fill it the top
give me that cask I want a lot

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