Green Bottled Beer
by Boris Salva

Don't give me no green bottled beer
The light has destroyed the flavor
I can't drink it, it brings me to tears
Green bottled beer is nothing to savor

What have they done?
They've destroyed the hops
Drink' in green bottled beer is no fun


Why One Drinks Beer
by Rocky Run

If all be true that I do think,
There be Five Reasons why one should Drink;

Good friends, good beer, or being dry,
Or lest we should be by-and-by,
Or any other reason why.


Happy Hour
by JJ Bittts

Four-fifty for a martini
And a buck and a half for a beer
Happy hour, Happy hour,
Happy hour is here

And when the hour ends
I'll go home
and take myself out another
nice, cold beer.

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