editors note: This form of poetry is called a clerihew.  Really.
What exactly is a clerihew? Frances Stillman in
The Poet's
Manual and Rhyming Dictionary
defines it as 'a humorous
pseudo-biographical quatrain, rhymed as two couplets, with
line of uneven length more or less in the rhythm of prose'. Add
to this, that the name of the subject usually ends the first or,
less often, the second line, and that the humor of the clerihew
is whimsical rather than satiric. Want more examples? Try this:

In this example of a cleihew, author and well known
beer poet Brian Lynch lauds his favorite pub, The
Gaslight in South Orange, NJ.

It's a pleasure to drink at the Gaslight
Where the beer always tastes just right.
Ales, Stouts, Lagers and guests,
Best Pub in Orange, South, that is, not

Brian Lynch

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