November 2020
The Poetry of Beer
Lorrie Leland
It's Ale
Differences in perspective
Simply melt away
after a cup or two of brew

Enlightenment and libation
Go hand in hand;
It’s time to take a serious stand,
To raise the cup
And to go bottoms up;
We’ve got to down one more
It's the ale of legends and lore
(based on "Drunk" by Isabel Tolling)
Beer Song

Oh... what is the malted liquor?
What gets you drunken quicker?
What comes in bottles or in cans?
Can't get enough of it (Beer)
How we really love it (Beer)
Makes me think I'm a man (Beer)
I could kiss and hug it (Beer)
But I'd rather chug it (Beer)
Got my belly up to here (Beer)
I could not refuse a (Beer)
I could really use a beer, beer, beer
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Liam Flynn
The Poet

Well, you see, this beer,
it is so very fine;
I’m beginning to think
I could speak in rhyme;
I was so sad, but now I so shine;
I’m beginning to think
I could speak in rhyme.
(based on "Wine" by Stan Dupp)

Jo Merkil
My Ode To Beer

I THINK that I shall never hear
A poem lovely as a beer.
A brew that’s best straight from a tap
With golden hue and snowy cap;
The liquid bread I drink all day,
Until my memory melts away;
A beer that’s made with summer malt
Too little hops its only fault;
Upon whose brow the yeast has lain;
In water clear as falling rain.
Poems are made by fools I fear,
But only wort can make a beer.
Edwin Abbott
Beer For Breakfast

‘Who has not tasted of Hodgson’s
pale beer
With its flavour the finest that
hops ever gave?
It drives away sadness,
it banishes fear,
And imparts a glad feeling of
joy to the grave.

Oh! to drink it at morning,
when just from our bed
We rise unrefreshed, and
to breakfast sit down,
The froth-crested brimmer
we raise to our head,
And in swigging off Hodgson, our
sorrows we drown.

Or to drink it at tiffin, when thirsty
and warm,
We say to the khidmutgar*,
“bring me some beer,”
Soon, soon do we feel its most
magical charm,
And quickly the eatables all disappear.

Or at ev’ning, when home from
our ride we return,
And jaded and weary we sit
down to dine;
We ask but for Hodgson, and
willingly spurn
The choicest the dearest the
rarest of wine.

Then hail to thee Hodgson!
of Brewers the head,
Thy loss we in India would sadly bewail;
May you live long and happy, and
when you are dead,
1 will think of you daily whilst
drinking your ale.
Chas Murray

Beer,beer, beer.
Beer, beer
Someone get me a beer.


Dan Hogglin

Roses are red
Romance is dead
Everyday I suffer
From existential dread
My salvation is however near


Luke Combs
Never Broke My Heart

In my fridge are cans of beerLongneck
ice cold beer never broke my heart
Like diamond rings and football teams
have torn this boy apart

Like a neon dream, it just dawned on
me, that bars and this guitar
And longneck ice cold beer never
broke my heart
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