October 2020
The Poetry of Beer
John Dryden
Song of Ale
Just Caesar, whom the world obeyed,
Augustus Great, proud Tiberine
Could ne’er have drunk, sure ne’er
have made
Kind Bacchus! such an ardent brew.
Tell Princes, Kings; tell France;
tell Spain
Of Hippocrene
Empurpled as Augustus’ train.

Recalling this alone:
All men are free to drown their sorrow –
Not Caesar only –
and to sell the morrow
Cheap. But this once done –
How costly seems the morning sun!

Jack Mallory
Beer Philosophy

It doesn't matter if the glass
Is half full or half empty
Either is fine
It just means that there is
More than enough room
To add more beer

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D'Jean Thomas
(taken from Sanjay Srivatsa)k
The Beach

Let us have wine and woman,
mirth and laughter,
Sermons and soda water
the day after.

Man, being reasonable,
must get drunk;
The best of life is but intoxication:
Glory, the ale and good luck
Little Big Town
Day Drinking

Everybody's always waiting on Friday
Watching that clock and sittin' on go
Whatcha' say we find a little warm

And open up an umbrella on the patio
Don't need a reason or a happy hour
Ain't hanging 'round for a
fireworks show

Get a head start a little sip of somethin'
Off and runnin', here we go
One, two, three here we go
Don't wanna wait 'til the sun's sinking
We could be feeling all right
I know you know what I'm thinking
Why don't we do a little day drinking?
Why don't we do a little day drinking?.
Francis Saltus Saltus

What merry fairy, oh cool,
delicious beer,
Gave thee the power through
centuries to maintain
A charm that soothes dull care,
and laughs at pain;
A power sad hearts to vitalize
and cheer?

No blasé palate of thy drops can fear;
Once quaffed, lips eager, seek thy
sweets again,
Without thee students sing
no loud refrain;
Laughter and mirth depart,
be thou not near.

And when I drink thee
to my soul’s delight,
A vision of King Gambrinus,
fat and gay,
Haunts me, and I behold bright
tankards shine,
And hear him laugh with many
a thirsty wight,
And merry maiden, drinking
night and day,
In quaint, old, gabled towns
along the Rhine.
William Aggeler
The Soul of Beer

The night the beer was
singing in the bottles:
"Mankind, dear waif,
I send to you,in spite

Of prisoning glass and rosy
wax that throttles,
A song that's full of
brotherhood and light.

I know what toil, and pain,
and sweat you thole,
Under the roasting sun
on slopes of fire,

To give me life and to beget my soul —
So I will not be thankless to my sire,


Matin Mineo
A Poem About Work

Drink Coffee
Bah, Blah, Blah
Drive Home
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