June 2020
The Poetry of Beer
Jack Blindings
Beer Is The Way
Oh come on, let that lovely brew
rule over us;
We’ll pour our glasses
and drink in chorus;
Dear me, I do seem to have
grown so porous;
Let’s us pour our glasses
and drink in chorus.

Well, you see, this beer,
it is so very fine;
I’m beginning to think
I could speak in rhyme;
I was so sad, but now I so shine;
I’m beginning to think I could
speak in rhyme.

Oh, how my burgundy blood
does now so flow;
You know, more brew
and maybe I'll play the banjo
You know, I think I’m finally
losing all my woe;
Just, one more glass,
that’s the way to go.
Micaela Dickinson
Home Brew

I taste a liquid I have brewed –
From Tankards scooped in Pearl –
Not all thye malts and hops in the world
Could yield such a wondrous alcohol!

Inebriate of  my brew – am I –
And Debauchee of Delight –
Reeling – thro’ endless summer days –
From tankards of my homebrew –
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Hillary Brookek
The Beach

The winds are cool, clouds are high,
all is fine there are no sorrows,
The air is fresh, sand white,
birds fly in circles;

On all sides rest cans of beer
chilling, willing, inviting
While ceaseless ocean waves
come rolling and rippling:
Lynn Conney
Stout Today

A patient whose ailment was gout,
Was informed that he drank
too much stout.
The fellow turned pale,
As he yelled “I need ale!
“Downing beer is what living’s about.
J. A. Attacap
(Apologies to Isabel Tolling)
To Drink

Differences in perspective
Simply melt away
after a liter or two of brew

Different spiritual traditions
Blend into one with fun
As we dine with some barleywine

Eclecticism is unnecessary
If we’re already the same—
A serious love of beer you say;
Just pass the bottle
I’ll join in song ofit's praise
Diane LaForge
(based on limerick by Madeleine Begun Kane)
National Beer Day

We celebrate beer in April:
April 7th is “National Beer Day.” Yay!
But I hope you won’t
When I say on behalf
Of its worshippers: Why just one day?
Phil D. Glass

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Poems are hard
Chris Young
Save Water, Drink Beer

It ain't rained in four months
One cigarette spark will burn the whole
town up

That 'ole well is plum dry
The city put a limit on the water you
can buy

We don't mind 'cause 'round here
We save water and drink beer

Ice cold, genuine, raise 'em up,
drip 'em dry
Holler and swaller y'all
Support your local wildlife

Do your part around here
Save water and drink beer
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