Gwendolyn Rose Ojeda

A top ‘o the morning
To the Irish mead
To the bartender more tips
For this pleasant mead was
Sweeter than a fair maiden's lips
Over to the brisk taste of an amber
The refreshment of a smooth  pale
I was hanging on the edge
Waiting for my  cask-conditioned ale


Brian Hutton

Golden, amber, pale or porter,
doesn't matter,
just bring me a beer
clear as the Northern night,
fresh as the company I keep.
And maybe just one more before I sleep.


Marcus Kevin Fishly

There once was a man who did not have a fear
when he sat down and drank a six pack of beer
his belly did bloat, his weight it did rise
but the beer gave the feeling of being so wise

The thought of it cooling, so frosted and near
in the mug it sits so golden that beer
the taste is so good never bitter or queer
bringing always a laugh and never a tear

Many a time in that room full of cheer
a wrong emotion did come from that beer
it was never right to hold it so dear
replacing importance with just another cold beer

William Butler Yeats

A statesman is an easy man, he tells his lies by rote.
A journalist invents his lies, and rams them down your
So stay at home and drink your beer and let the
neighbors vote.


Oliver Holmes

Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain,
With grammar, and nonsense, and learning;
Good liquor, I stoutly maintain,
Gives genius better discerning.

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At The Local Pub
Francis Duggan

At the local pub on Saturday night
Everyone is happy not a care in sight
There is laughter and music and dancing and song
And those too shy to sing solo join in the sing along

On every local troublemaker be it woman or man
The local pub manager does have a ban
And anyone after a few drinks who is looking for fight
Are told for to leave for them an early night
On Saturday night at the local pub there is lots of cheer
With lots of good drinkers of liquor and beer

For a place of fun and laughter that is trouble free
On Saturday night the local pub is the place to be
For a few hours of laughter, dancing and music and song
Where those too shy to sing solo join in the sing along


Hops, Wonderful Hops
by Geoff Kaiser

Hops, hops, oh wonderful hops
For you, my passion is true.
You flavor my beer
And at least once a year
I grind you up in a brew.

Your oils are essential
Your qualities diverse.
But, drink too much nectar
And my stomach might burst.

Hops are the gem
And the barkeepers friend
For keeping me stuck on that stool.
Cause if I order a beer
And the aroma is clear
With no citrus or spice to declare.
I’ll throw it right back
On the bartender’s lap
Then I’ll get myself out of that chair.

Cascade! Chinook! Amarillo!
These are my favorite cheers.
For without these friends
I’d rather have the bends.
My life would surely be moot
Things just wouldn’t compute!

Not all might agree
But they will after three
Of my favorite hop bombs and brews
So go get some beer
There are some good ones I hear!
Just make sure that the hops do come through.


Beer of Kalew
by Elias Lönnrot

Great indeed the reputation
Of the ancient beer of Kalew,
Said to make the feeble hardy,
Famed to dry the tears of women,
Famed to cheer the broken-hearted,
Make the aged young and supple,
Make the timid brave and mighty,
Make the brave men ever braver,
Fill the heart with joy and gladness,
Fill the mind with wisdom-sayings,
Fill the tongue with ancient legends,
Only makes the fool more foolish."

by Lem E. Ricks

Of "tanks" he's the largest and worst
Three breweries live by his thirst
To drink beer by the tun
Is his idea of fun
And some day he will certainly burst.

There was a young man who loved Schlitz
Which he drank in his room at the Ritz
With pate (very rich)
And olives from which
His servants had cut out the pits.
There was a young man who loved Pabst
He drank it until he collapsed
He gave up beer
For Lent every year
And on Easter morning, relapsed.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Poems are hard


Beer Haiku
by Jake Metzler

Bhrough the long work days
My mind is lost, just thinking
Of homebrew, waiting.



Here’s to a guy who is never blue
Here’s to a buddy who is ever true
Here’s to a pal, no matter what the load
Never declines one for the road.
Fill the glass
Pour me some
Drinking makes happy
What sobriety makes glum.

Let us have wine and women
Mirth and laughter
Sermons and soda-water
The day after.

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