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The DB15 is the largest beer appreciation organization in New
Jersey, but what about the East Coast?  Well it's time to make
our move.  Bring a new member to the next meeting, have them
officially register, and get a Gaslight beer compliments of the
DB15 Cask Commissioners.
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DB15 Cask Commissioner Brian
Lynch along with Fritz Maytag
founder of Anchor Brewing at the
TAP-NY beer fest.
Gaslight Named
Best Beer Bar by
"Best Beer
Gaslight Brewery"
Gaslight Update
Hurry before they run out - now pouring
the award winning Governator (cream ale), the
outstanding Hopfest, the perfect Perfect Stout, and
the powerful Eliminator.
DB15 shirts are here!
Choose from two different 4-color shirts. One with our Uncle Sam DB 15 logo
or one with the club motto -
" I'd rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity"
Order by mail

Supply is very limited.  Only a VERY few left - order NOW!
(sorry, small and medium, XL,XXL  sizes sold out)

Club members can order in person at the next meeting.
If you are not currently on the DB15 mailing list or would
like to join simply write
webmaster@beernexus.com or
stop in the Gaslight and ask your friendly
bartender for a registration form.  
New members always welcome - it's a pefect time to join.
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Next DB15 Meeting:
Sunday, May 18 at the Gaslight 3 PM
TAP Beer Festival Trip
The DB15 trip to the TAP New York beer festival,
at Hunter Mountain, NY  was a complete sell out over a month
in advance.  There was good reason for it as the festival had
over 100 beers for unlimited sampling, outstanding food, a
bucolic location, and no lines at any of the beer tents.

Congratulations and thanks to DJ Soboti for making this
such a well-organized and fun trip!

CLUB DUES Full Payment Plan

Enjoy the many benefits available to club members on the
full-payment plan. A one time fee of only $50 covers all meetings,
plus discounts for DB15 special events.

Ask our club treasurer Brian Lynch, or any Cask Commissioner for
the full details at the next meeting.
South Orange Ave.
South Orange, NJ
New Members
Club shirts are in!!
Next Meeting - May 18, Sunday, 3 PM

May 18th meeting will feature
Home Brew Showdown - Steam Beer

Steam beer, properly known as California Common beer, was
originated by Anchor Brewing Company, which trademarked the
name Anchor Steam Beer in 1981. The style showcases the  
Northern Brewer hops (with woody, rustic or minty qualities) in
moderate to high strength and is fermented with a lager yeast that
can thrive at the cool end of normal ale fermentation
temperatures. According to Anchor Brewing, the name "steam"
came from the fact that the brewery had no way to effectively
chill the boiling wort using traditional means so they pumped the
hot wort up to shallow, open-top bins on the roof of the brewery
so that it would be rapidly chilled by the cool air blowing in off
the Pacific Ocean. Thus while brewing, the brewery had a
distinct cloud of steam around the roof let off by the wort as it
cooled, hence the name.  

Join us on May 18, 3 PM, at the Gaslight, as some of the best
home brewers in the state vie for medals.  Sample nearly a dozen
of this truly American beer style.  Everyone at the meeting will be
a judge in a blind tasting of the entries.  Be there to help the DB15
select the best brew!


The DB15's April meeting featured the line of OPA-OPA beers
from Southhampton, MA.  Although the beers are not available in
NJ, the club was able to secure an exclusive tasting thanks to
member and nationally known beer write Dan Hodge.  An added
bonus, Dan was able to served most of the  beers were served
from growlers he personally filled at the brewery.  It was a
memorable meeting as the entire OPA line
received an A-OK rating from the DB15 members.