15 South Orange Ave.
South Orange, NJ
At the October
meeting club
members were
treated to a
tutored tasting of
LABATT Sales Soar.....

With an unmatched portfolio of high-quality beers, Labatt USA is one of America’s leading
specialty beer companies. While much of the American domestic beer market has seen little or
no growth in recent years, Labatt USA has enjoyed double-digit sales growth every year for the
past 15 years.  In addition, Labatt Blue is now the number one Canadian beer in the United
States and the number three imported beer, behind only Corona and Heineken.
Next Meeting
Sunday, Nov. 9, 4 PM at
the Gaslight
special guest
Lori Montfort
ANCHOR Brewing
makers of the famous Anchor Steam
and the beer chosen by Michael
Jackson as one of the ten best in
Liberty Ale
Join us to learn more about this great
brewing company and to sample some
of its award winning brews.
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Labatt's Brews Shine
Brian Quinn from Labatt USA
Impresses Club Members
at the October meeting .....
Thanks to Labatt's  European Development Manager, Brian Quinn, Draught
Board 15 members can now easily testify to the truth of at least one
corporate slogan -"Labatt USA is American's Specialty Beer Company".

Focusing on Labatt's main imports of Boddington, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden,
Leffe, and Lowenbrau (among their other brands of Carlsberg, Dos Equis,
Sol, Tecate, and USA's Rolling Rock) Brian  proved that Labatt is more than
just "Blue".  

Beginning with a fascinating look at the history of many of the beers in the
Labatt portfolio, Brian went on to outline their distribution patterns, brewing
techniques, and unique flavor profiles.  He  followed this by providing ample
samples for club members to enjoy and discuss.  Lastly he graciously
provided glassware, shirts, and promotional material to the club to raffle off
to members.   

This was indeed a great club meeting.  At it's conclusion membership
committee chairman Jeff Levine announced that the club had unanimously
awarded Brain a full membership with the special designation of "Amicus
Beerius" - a true friend of beer.
Brian Quinn
Next Meeting:  Sunday, Nov. 9, 4 PM at the Gaslight