15 South Orange Ave.
South Orange, NJ
Almost A
Record !

Draught Board 15 club
members were given
exclusive advance notice of
a special beer event at
Gaslight- the tapping of
New Jersey's ONLY
supply of
cask conditioned
Troeg's HopBack Ale.

Thanks to the club's many
real ale afficionados
Gaslight management
announced that by the end
of the evening only 4 pints
remained in the cask. This
was the most real ale ever
sold in a single evening by
a New Jersey pub with one
exception.  The Gaslight
holds that record for selling
out an entire cask of the
rare cask conditioned  
Manchester Star Ale in less
than 5 hours.
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4 PM
at the Gaslight
Sunday, Oct. 12
Special Guest
Brian Quinn
from Labatt's
who will provide
samples of his
company's great

Learn about
Labatt's and enjoy
a sampling of their
award winning

sends  special thanks
to beernexus.com for
hosting our
Win Free Pint
The Draft Board 15 will award beer to
the member with the best attendance
from September through January.  Be
sure that you are on the sign in sheet
at each meeting.

Win More  Free Beer
Each meeting the Draught Board 15 will award
free beer to the person who brings in the most
new official club members.

Tiebreaker for both contests -  beer trivia

ID cards now

Membership cards will be required
to attend any club activity.  Cards
for new members are available
prior to each meeting.  Fee: $5

Club ID cards are recognized at all of
our international affiliates and are
valid        identification wherever
Coming soon

Identify the Mystery Drinker Contest

Club shirts and hats

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Next Meeting
Sunday, October 12,
4 PM at the Gaslight, 15 South
Orange, Ave., South Orange, NJ

Special Guest
Brian Quinn
From Labatt's USA
Join us for a tutored tasting of
Labatt's outstanding brews
and imports.
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s newsletter.   
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taking us global on the net!
See you at the Gaslight.    

Nexus Home
The Beer Hunter Tours Anchor
and Commericals
  Bring Chuckles
at the September meeting ....
The Beer Hunter himself, Michael Jackson, made a special taped appearance
at the club's September meeting, treating club members to a visual tour of
the famed Anchor Brewery in California.  Anchor is most famous as the
brewer of Liberty Ale, selected by Mr. Jackson as one of the ten best
American beers.

The next video feature proved to be the hit of the day as 60 minutes of
laugh out loud funny beer commercials from the early days of TV were
shown.  Ranging from the mid 1950's to the early 60's, these black and
white gems were true classics.  Thanks to member Brian Lynch for
painstaking weeks of research to compile this collection.

The meeting concluded with a beer showdown: Anchor Liberty Ale
v. everything else.  Members submitted nearly 20 brands in the taste
challenge.  Only two of the many beers sampled were able to match Liberty
according to  voting tallies: Magic Hat Blind Faith and Troeg's Hop Back Ale.