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February Meeting Notes
by Dan Hodge

Cask Commissioner's verified that members would be
assessed $125 for dues and the TAP trip. Non-members
would be charged $110 for the TAP trip only. Meeting
charge for non-members would be $10 except for "special"
meetings such as the IPA bracket meeting, which would

be $15. This is because the "special" meetings' beer costs
are exceedingly higher than most meetings.

No meeting in April due to the NY Tap trip.

May's meeting will be our first ever Malt Sensory tutorial.

Regular meeting began at 4:10 pm
Members present were: Dan Hodge, Dan Soboti, DJ Soboti,
Jeff Levine, Vince Capano, Sean Guernaccia, Glenn De
Luca, Livingston Hinckley, Tom Nooney, Ralph Ingle, Troy
Titus, and Mark Ferguson. No non-members were present.

The meeting was a homebrew competition of the
doppelbock style, with each entrant complying to the usual
DB15 rules: ingredients supplied by U-brrew with no
instructions. Paulaner Slavator, the original brewer of this
style was used as the benchmark against which the
competitors were to be judged on a 1 to ten scale.

Results were:
1. First prize Livingston Hinckley 91 points beer #1
2. Second prize vince Capano  85 points beer #2
3. Third prize (tie) Sean Guarnaccio

and Paulaner 83 points beer # 3 &7
5, Fifth prize Dan Hodge 77 points beer #2
6. Sixth prize Tony Soboti 76 points beer #3
7. Seventh prize Jeff Levine 71 points beer #6

Beers tried after the meeting were;
1. North Coast Puck the Beer Petite Saison provided by
Tom Nooney
2. Anchor Flying Cloud San Francisco Stout provided by
Tom Nooney
3. Bolero Snort Variabull Porter provided by Vince Capano

Meeting ended at 5:15


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The Finest Executive Gifts
featuring items for beer lovers
Use coupon code
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Doug Vohden  
for winning the Gold
Medal and "Best in Show"
at the NJ State Fair
Homebrew Competition
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Stallone and
Danny De Vito
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s WILL not
attend our
arch meeting!!

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Tom Nooney, Faith Franzino,
Glenn Deluca.  
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Note the Date

March 6
IPA Bracket
featuring over 30
.  This is our
most beer filled and
popular meeting of
the year.  All different
IPAs from last years
brackets except for
the return of the Final
Four.  Will they
repeat or will there
be a new champion?
Don't miss it!

April 24
Trip to TAP-NY
Beerfest - this always
sells out so get your
tickets soon.  
Combo Plan - yearly
dues and TAP trip
only $125 total.

May 8
Malt Sensory Tutorial
This meeting is
designed for every
level of home brewer
and for those who
don't brew but want
to learn more about
the brewing process.
It will be include a
beer tasting segment.

Congratulations to
Head Brewer
D.J. Soboti
and the entire
Gaslight Team!