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July 12 Meeting
4 PM at the Gaslight

Did you know that April 7th was "Session Beer Day"?  
Not many do despite the fact that the date commemorates  
"Little Repeal Day", when the Cullen-Harrison Act was
passed.  In reality that act simply permitted the resumption
of the manufacture and sale of 3.2% (by weight) beer and
light wines in those states that were then legally considered
wet. It was not an amendment to the Constitution, merely a
revision of the Volstead Act which defined any beverage
with an alcoholic content of .5 % or less by volume as
"intoxicating":  The total repeal of national Prohibition
occurred  with the ratification of the 21st. Amendment to
the Constitution on December 5, 1933.  

Under the amendment states could have their own individual
versions of Prohibition. Mississippi kept theirs for another
three decades.  Even today, over 1/3 of Mississippi’s
counties are "dry" while only 17states forbid any of
their counties to ban alcohol.

Although the U.S. Constitution provides two methods for
ratifying constitutional amendments, only one had been used
up until 1933.  That process required the ratification
by 3/4 of  state legislatures. However, many supporters of
the 21st Amendment feared that state lawmakers were either
beholden to, or simply fearful of, the temperance lobby. So
when Congress formally proposed the repeal of Prohibition
on February 20, 1933 (with the requisite two-thirds having
voting in favor in each house; 63 to 21 in the United States
Senate and 289 to 121 in the United States House of
Representatives), they chose the other ratification method
established by Article V, that being via state conventions.
With it's passage, the 21st Amendment  became
(and remains) the only one ratified by state conventions
rather than by the state legislatures.

In honor of the April 7th Session Beer Day and the return
of beer to the USA, the Draft Board 15 will have a
belated holiday celebration at our upcoming meeting,
this Sunday, July 12 at 4 PM.

While there seem to be many different definitions of what
exactly a session beer  is, most agree it's one with lower
alcohol and more flaovor than mass-produced light lagers.
There are vociferous British beer fans who insist
that anything over 4% ABV doesn't qualify while most
Americans put the top limit at 5.0%.  That's the one we'll
be using at the meeting albeit with a slight tweak - our
beers will all be 4.9% ABV or less.

Although low-alcohol beer - sometimes know as "small
beer" - has existed for centuries, the term "session" is fairly
modern. Some people point to early-20th-century
British laws restricting pub hours to lunchtime and evening
"sessions" as the origin. Whatever the case, Europe has a
long-established tradition of low-ABV beers, typified by
Czech pilsners, German kölsch, and British beers of all
kinds. The continent also has more relaxed drinking
customs than the United States, with multiple
daytime pints a not-uncommon occurrence.

Don't miss this first ever DB15 session beer meeting -
Sunday, July 13, at the Gaslight, 4 PM
(Complete list of beers - selected by Dan Hodge- TBA)
(Rumor has it that member Tom Nooney is bringing a
few special beers from upstate NY for sampling.)
Prohibition Trivia
  The 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act, the legal
measure that included the instructions for enforcing
Prohibition, never barred the consumption of alcohol–
just making it, selling it, and shipping it.

Two states rejected the 21st amendment -North Carolina
and South Carolina. Another eight states didn’t even act to
vote on it: Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi,
Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota

The Budweiser Clydesdales eight-horse hitch-and-wagon
took the first case of post-Prohibition beer along
Pennsylvania Avenue to President Roosevelt in the White
House. Yeungling Brewery, America’s oldest, also delivered
a truckload of their "Winner Beer" beer to FDR.
June Meeting Notes
Keep you eye out for
DJ and Dan Soboti plus
"three colorful gents"
who all appear in the
pilot episode of the
forthcoming TV series
"Beer Geeks."  Filming
atGaslight was recently
Viewing info TBA.
Did you make it to the
picture booth at
TAP-NY?  Click

to see  eight
from our trip who did.
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The Finest Executive Gifts
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