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March Meeting Notes
by Dan Hodge

Meeting started at 4:05 pm.

Members present: All Cask Commissioners, Chris Johnson,
Raffi Manjeekian, Glenn DeLuca,Joe Biland, Tom Nooney,
Faith Frappiano, Andrew MacKenzie, Mark Ferguson, Brandon
Einhorn, Doug Vohden, Livingston Hinckley, Scott Ojeda, Neil
Mukharjee, Vince Holmes, and Pete Ford
Non-members present: Bob Renshaw, Kelly Searfoss, Dan
McDonald, Nick Kelly, Jeremy Helm and Mike Depoy

Meeting was “Brackets” competition of 34 IPAs. Only four (the
four finalists) were repeated from last year. Results as follows:
1st Round, Table 3   Schlafly IPA beat Saucony Creek Stonefly
IPAGreat Lakes Commodore Perry IPA beat Sly Fox Route 113
IPA, Big Muddy Galaxy IPA beat Founder’s All Day IPA, and
Troeg’s Perpetual IPA beat Sam Adamc Latitude 48 IPA

1st Round , Table 4 Defiant Medusa beat Smuttynose
Finestkind, Southampton Burton beat Captain Lawrence, Clown
Shoes Galactica beat Shipyard Monkey Fist, and Ithaca Flower
Power beat Wolaver’s. (Defiant medusa beat St. Peter’s
in the pre round)

1st Round Table 1  Brewdog Punk beat Greenflash West Coast,
Ballast Point Big Eye beat Heavy Seas Loose Cannon, Firestone
Walker Union Jack beat DC Brau The Corruption and Stone
Ruination beat Starr Hill Northern Lights (Brewdog beat
DuClaw Hellrazer in the pre round.)

1st Round Table 2  Breckenridge Lucky U beat Great Divide
Titan, @1st Ammendment Brew Free or Die beat Elysian
Savant, Epic Hopulence beat Avery and Speakeasy Big Daddy
beat Anderson Valley Hop ‘Ottin

The next round: Great Lakes beat Schlafly, Troeg’s beat Big
Muddy, Defiant beat Southampton, Clown Shoes beat Ithaca,
Ballast Point beat Brewdog, Stone beat firestone Walker, 21st
Ammendment  beat Breckinridge,
Epic beat Speakeasy,

Semi Final Round: Troeg’s beat Great Lakes,
Clown Shoes beat Defiant,Ballast Point beat Stone and
21st Ammendment beat Epic

Final Four: Clown Shoes beat Troeg’s and
Ballast Point beat 21st Ammendment

In the final face off Clown Shoes beat Ballast Point.

Chris Johnson won the 50/50 by having the best
prediction on the brackets.

Beers sampled after the meeting were:
1.Andean Kuka American Pale Ale provided by Glenn DeLuca
2. Brandon Einhorn’s Raspberry Blonde Ale homebrew
3. Mark Ferguson’s Nugget Pale Ale homebrew
4. Mark Ferguson’s Centennial Cascade Pale Ale homebrew
5. Dan Hodge’s Jack Daniels Oaked Russian Imperial Stout
6. Dan Hodge’s Maibock homebrew
7&8. Two meads made by Chris Johnson
9. Angry Eric’s IPA, growler provided by Jeff Levine

Meeting then moved to the backroom where all leftover opened
bottles of beer were disposed of ( NOT by pouring down the
drain) by the diehards still hanging out.  Including me.

Just some of the beer given
away FREE at  the February
meeting. Photo: R. Needham
(click to  enlarge)
April 13 Meeting

Belgium Trappist vs. American Abbey Ales
Style: Doubles