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DB15 Cask Commissioner /
club treasurer Brian Lynch
(left) and Fritz Maytag,
founder of Anchor Brewing
celebrate New Year's Eve at
the underground beer vault of
the International Beer Museum.
welcomes comments,
articles, and
See you at
the Gaslight!   
DB15 shirts are here!
Choose from two different 4-color shirts. One with our Uncle Sam DB 15 logo
or one with the club motto -
" I'd rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity"
Order by mail

Club members can order in person at the next meeting.
If you are not currently on the DB15 mailing list or would
like to join simply write
webmaster@beernexus.com or
stop in the Gaslight and ask your friendly
bartender for a registration form.  
New members always welcome - it's a pefect time to join.
Sign up a new member,
win a beer!
The DB15 is the largest beer appreciation organization in New
Jersey, but what about the East Coast?  Well it's time to make
our move.  Bring a new member to the next meeting, have them
officially register, and get a Gaslight beer compliments of the
DB15 Cask Commissioners.

Why sign up for the club dues full payment plan?

Enjoy the many benefits available to club members on the
full-payment plan. A one time fee of only $50 covers all meetings,
plus discounts for DB15 special events.

This year members received benefits that totaled well
over the dues
amount.  Substantial discounts were provided for the TAP NY
beer fest trip, the Newark Bears baseball outing, the NJ Brewers
Festival, and the Victorian Dinner.  In addition members on the full
pay plan are exempt from the individual meeting beer fee.

Ask club treasurer Brian Lynch, or any Cask Commissioner
for the full details at the next meeting.
15 South Orange Ave.
South Orange, NJ
Next Meeting - January 13 at the Gaslight 4 PM  
The Gaslight
Bucket List of Beers Tasting
Mike Rowe's How Booze Build America

The DB15 kicks off the new year with a truly special,
double knockout of a meeting.  First we will be sampling
some of those beers you always wanted to try but either
couldn't find them or passed by because they were far too
expensive.  The club treasurer has given the green light to
purchasing those costly beers that well deserve to be on the
bucket list of brews you have to try at least once.  
That will be followed by a beer club exclusive - the
showing of the award winning Mike Rowe film
How Booze Built America".

The tasting or the film alone would make for a great meeting;
together this will be the meeting of all meetings!  
If you only come to one event all year, this is it!

We're still in the process of finding those costly and elusive
brews worthy of making our bucket list so it's impossible
to list them at this time. Just come to the meeting and be
amazed at what you will be tasting!

Attention home brewers from beginners to experts - don't
forget that U-Brew can supply all your needs plus provide
expert guidance.  U-Brew is located above Gaslight; just
ask Dan the next time you're in Gaslight for a pint.


Thanks to everyone at the Gaslight who worked so hard to
make December's Victorian Dinner a night we'll all long
remember.  It was a highlight of the 2012 DB15 year!


Next meeting- 4 PM, Jan. 13, 2013

February Meeting
Sunday,  Feb. 10 (Chinese New Year)
For the latest updates on what's being
poured at the Gaslight go to
New Jersey beer laws are about to change. Get the
story from the President of the NJ Craft Brewers
D.J. Soboti
as seen on
PBS television