15 South Orange Ave. South
Orange, NJ
Home Run

Thirty-five Draught Board
15 club members and
friends of the Gaslight
enjoyed a trip to
Riverfront Stadium to
watch the Newark Beers
play the Somerset Patriots
in great minor league
baseball action last month.  

Club members were
especially impressed with
the Sam Adams Boston
Ale that was on tap at a
lone concession stand.  
According to one Bears’
official, a keg were tapped
only minutes before the
first pitch and for the first
time in Bears history, was
empty before the end of
the game.  
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                                                           At August Meeting
Jay Wilder, representative of Saranac beers and its parent organization,
the Matt Brewing Co., was the special guest at the August club meeting.  
After an informative presentation on the history of his company, Jay
graciously provided a wide selection from the Saranac portfolio for club
members to sample.

The nearly forty members present, including a record nine new people,
were unanimous in praising the high quality of Saranac products.  Singled
out for special kudos were the IPA, Black Forest, and Pale Ale.   Saranac's
new lower price point makes them not only one of the best beers
available but also one of the best values in the market.

After the meeting Jay joined many of the club members downstairs at
the Gaslight bar to enjoy more of the Saranac Pale Ale from the guest
tap, try his hand at darts, and get to know the club members.

We hope to see Jay back at the Gaslight as a new club member.  
Thanks Jay and Saranac!

Learn the history of Saranac at:                                   
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New members can
register directly with
the club by writing
yahoo.com or simply
go to the Gaslight
and ask your
friendly bartender
for a registration

4 PM
at the Gaslight
Sunday, Sept.
Double feature
video on the
GIANT screen
Beer Commercials
of the Past- Part 2

The Beer
Hunter Visits
Anchor Brewing

Each member
should bring
several bottles of a
"hoppy Ale" for a
taste test

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Win Free Pint
The Draft Board 15 will award beer to the
member with the best attendance from
September through January.  Be sure
that you are on the sign in sheet at each

Win More  Free Beer
Each meeting the Draught Board 15 will award
free beer to the person who brings in the most
new official club members.

Tiebreaker for both contests -  beer trivia questions.

ID cards now required

Membership cards will be required to
attend any club activity.  Cards for
new members are available prior to
each meeting.  Fee: $5

Club ID cards are recognized at all of
our          international affiliates and are
valid                identification wherever

On the Web:

If you want to read about one of our great past club
meetings click here:

Next Meeting
Sunday, September 14,
4 PM at the Gaslight, 15 South
Orange, Ave., South Orange, NJ

On the GIANT screen
Beer Commercials
of the Past  - part 2
bonus feature
Tour of Anchor Brewery
hosted by Michael Jackson

Each member is asked to
bring several bottles of a
"hoppy" beer for a
tasting faceoff with
Anchor Liberty Ale
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See you at the Gaslight.    

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