At The
Next Meeting -  Oct. 11, 2020
4 PM at the Gaslight

Our October meeting will be a first for the club as we
have a Battle of the Pales. The contest will pit the
best pale ales from the USA against the top pales
from Britain and the rest of the world.

Cask Commissioner Dan Hodge has selected beers
from Iceland, Germany, and Australia plus hard to
find gems from Britain and the USA to compete in
this one time only showdown for the coveted DB15
Best of the Best Gold Medal.  

Don't miss this meeting - Sunday, Oct. 11 at the
Gaslight 4 PM.  Note that in addition to enhanced
cleaning the Gaslight follows alll virus protocols



Pale Ale isn’t as simple as it may seem. Essentially
what differentiates pale ale is moderate hoppiness
(both medium bitterness and flavor) with balancing
malt flavors. The idea is a beer that’s approachable
but interesting, with each sip inviting you to try to
discern individual elements. Styles vary, but the key
is balance, with some room to play.

An American Pale Ales balance hops with varying
amounts of malt, which makes sense, since
American Pale Ales were inspired by malt-forward
English Pale Ales. Once the style reached the U.S.,
it was brewed with local products, which included
yeast strains that produced fewer fruity esters, and
strong, citrus-forward hops.

English Pale Ale is basically the same as an “Extra
Special Bitters” (English “bitters” beer styles range
from “Standard” to “Premium” to “Special”).  English
Pale Ales do showcase both the flavors and
bitterness of hops (the hard water of Burton-on-
Trent, where this beer style was born, helped bring
out a slightly hoppier profile), but especially in the
English variety, that’s usually tempered by
maltiness. You can generally expect a range of
faintly caramelly and/or bready malt notes against
the characteristically earthy, floral, herbal, or resiny
notes of English hops

International-style pale ales range from deep golden
to copper in color. The style is characterized by wide
range of hop characters unlike fruity, floral and
citrus-like American-variety hop character and unlike
earthy, herbal English-variety hop character.
Moderate to high hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma
is evident. International pale ales have medium body
and low to medium maltiness. Low caramel character
is allowable. Fruity-ester flavor and aroma should be
moderate to strong. Diacetyl should be absent or
present at very low levels. Chill haze is allowable at
cold temperatures.


Brewers Association Style Guidelines

   American-style Pale Ale

Color: Straw to light amber   Clarity: Chill haze is
acceptable at low temperatures. Hop haze is
allowable at any temperature.  
Perceived Malt
Aroma & Flavor
: Low caramel malt aroma is
allowable. Low to medium maltiness may include low
caramel malt character.  
Perceived Hop Aroma &
: High, exhibiting floral, fruity (berry, tropical,
stone fruit and other), sulfur, diesel-like, onion-
garlic, catty, citrusy, piney or resinous character that
was originally associated with American-variety
hops. Hops with these attributes now also originate
from countries other than the U.S.  
Medium to medium-high   Fermentation
: Fruity esters may be low to high.
Diacetyl should not be present.
 Body: Medium

English Pale, Bitter, Best Bitter

Color: Deep gold to deep copper   Clarity: Chill
haze is acceptable at low temperatures
Perceived Malt Aroma & Flavor: Medium residual
malt sweetness should be present  
Perceived Hop
Aroma & Flavor
: Very low to medium at the brewer’s
 Perceived Bitterness: Medium and not
Fermentation Characteristics: Low
carbonation traditionally characterizes draft-cask
versions, but in bottled versions, a slight increase in
carbon dioxide content is acceptable. Fruity esters
are acceptable. Diacetyl is usually absent in these
beers but may be present at low levels.
 Body: Medium


  International-Style Pale Ale

Color: Gold to copper
 Clarity: Chill haze is acceptable at low
Perceived Malt Aroma & Flavor: Very low to
medium malt flavor and aroma should be present.
Low caramel malt aroma and flavor may be present.
 Perceived Hop Aroma & Flavor: Hop aroma is low
to high. Hop flavor is very low to high. Hop character
can vary widely depending on variety and origin of
hops used, and should reflect attributes typical of
non-U.S. and non-British variety hops.
Medium to hig  Fermentation
: Fruity esters are low to high.
Diacetyl is usually absent in these beers but may be
present at very low levels. DMS should not be
Body: Low to medium


Revisit Robert Burns Night
If you miss the Gaslight's annual salute to Robbie
Burns the national poet of Scotland not to worry.  It
was filmed by noted cinematographer and club
member Livingston Hinckley.  Get ready for
bagpipes, haggis, and readings by Burns scholar
John Reid.  Watch it here .  

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Those still needing TAP refunds should coe to the next
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Special thanks to everyone who came to the Sept.
meeting and brought such great beer.
The club is BACK!!

Complete notes and beer list from
the Sept. meeting
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