At The
DB 15 Returns!
Next Meeting Sunday, 9/20/20
4 PM at the Gaslight

Our last Draught Board 15 Meeting was on March 8,
and then the Corona virus hit. Now more than a half
year later we are set to start again. We will meet at
the Gaslight 4 M on Sunday Sept. 20.  Note that
CDC and NJ safety protocols will be followed
the meeting including social distancing and face
mask requirements  Join as as beer fights back!.

The meeting will be a bottle share.  Everyone
attending must bring at least one pint or two
12 oz cans of any style. Any rinformation about
the beer you can share would be appreciated.

See you on Sunday, 9/20 at the Gaslight 4 PM.


TAP-NY Trip Refunds

Anyone who paid for the canceled Tap-NY trip
can receive a full refund at the 9/20 meeting.   
Club Treasurer Dan Hodge will be available to
write you a check.


Dos and Don'ts of Bottle Share Etiquette
(from Beer&Brewing Magazine)


Take great beer. This is not the time to unload the
leftover beers from that sampler 12-pack you bought
two months ago.

We will provide the usual cups but if it will make you
feel more comfortable during these trying times
bring your own glass.

Obey the rules.  Gaslight follows all mandated
safety rules along with enhanced cleaning.  You
must wear a mask when not seated at a table.


Do not open someone else's beer.

Don’t be late. Being able to talk about the range of
beers with everyone at a bottle share is part of the
fun.  If you're late we'll miss your beer and input.

Don’t over-praise your own beer or knock  
someone else's.  It's not good manners


Revisit Robert Burns Night
If you miss the Gaslight's annual salute to Robbie
Burns the national poet of Scotland not to worry.  It
was filmed by noted cinematographer and club
member Livingston Hinckley.  Get ready for
bagpipes, haggis, and readings by Burns scholar
John Reid.  Watch it here .  

Draughtboard 15 Club News
It's time to pay your yearly dues!

Dues are $65 for a full year membership.
Non- members will pay $10 for each individual
meeting they attend with some exceptions.
. All meetings are
free for members

15 South Orange Ave., South Orange, NJ
Upcoming Meetings  Events-

NOTE- TAP-NY Has Been Canceled
Details HERE

Check back here for more information on our next
meeting and trip refunds..


Special thanks to Dan Hodge, DJ Soboti, and Glenn
DeLuca for securing all the beer in our March IPA
Madness meeting.  The majority of the beers are not
available in NJ making for a truly unique event.
An extra tip of the hat to Glenn Deluca - the two beers
in the Finals were both selected by him.
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Congratulations to
Livingston Hinckley who
is now an officially
certified Beer & Mead
Dan Hodge         Vince Capano      Tim Terhune
  Silver                        Bronze

Winners of our last home brewing contest.
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TAP-NY Has Been Canceled.  Details HERE>
Gaslight is now open for indoor dining and
drinking with full safety protocols in place.  
Stop in today for great food and beer.
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