At The
January Meeting Notes
By Dan Hodge

Meeting attendees were Dan Hodge, Vince Capano,
Livingston Hinckley, Glenn De Luca, Tim Terhune,
Dan Soboti and DJ Soboti. Raffi Manjikian and Mrs.
Raffi attended but were late.
The meeting was a sampling of 7 brews
by the Yuengling brewery:
Light lager @3.8%
Premium @4.4 (can)
Golden Pils @4.7%
Traditional Lager @4.5%
Chesterfield Ale @5.4%
Black and Tan @4.6%
Pottsville Porter @4.7%

Obviously all the beers were sessional with the Black
and Tan seeming to be the general favorite. Most in
attendance thought the strongest, Chesterfield Ale
smelled skunked, although it tasted better than it
smelled. It’s not a huge
seller and the green bottle was probably the cause.

We also tried a Black and Tan of my own concoction
that I used to make myself before Yuengling even
made a Black and Tan, which was 50% Porter and
50% Ale.

Beers tried after the meeting were:
1.Hop Valley Alphadelic IPA (can) @7.2%
provided by DJ
2. Single Cut Weird and Gilly (can) @ 6.6%
provided by Tim Terhune
3. Allagash River Trip belgian Saison @4.8%
provided by Livingston Hinckley
4. Carton Brut Puncher Pale Ale (can) @ 6.6%
provided by Vince Capano
5. Single Cut Heavy Boots of Lead Imperial Stout
(can) @8% provided by Tim Terhune
6. Carton Balinator “doppelbock” (can) @8%
provided by Vince Capano ( This beer had no
characteristics of a doppelbock at all)
7. Gael IPA (crowler) @6.8%
provided by Dan Hodge
8. Other Half Practice Not a Game (can) @8.5%
provided by Vince Capano (AA)
9. Port Mongo Double IPA (can) @8%
provided by DJ
10. Transplant El Ma’s Guapo IPA provided by DJ
11. Partnership of Heavy Seas and Terrapin Rye Wit
@6.2% provided by DJ
12. Lost Abbey carnevale Brett Saison @8%
provided by DJ
13. Stone Tropic Thunder IPA @5.8%
provided by DJ
14. Ritual Big Deluxe Imperial Oatmeal  Stout @12.
2% provided by DJ.

Meeting ended around 6:45pm
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Robert Burns Night
1/25/20 - It's the annual salute to Robbie Burns the
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readings from Burns poetry.  And of course there
will be fine Scotch available.  6:30 PM

February Meeting 2/9/20
It's a beer Super Bowl.  We will have a challenge
between beers from the cities/states of each of the
Super Bowl teams.  It promises to a fun packed
meeting even more exciting than the game itself.

March Meetig 3/8/20
It's our most popular meetig of the year -
March IPA Madness as we sample 32 IPAs
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