At The
Next Meeting - 2/9/20

The final score of this year's Super Bowl was
Kansas City 31 - San Francisco 20.  That was
football but how might they fare against each other
in a beer challenge?  We will find out at our next
meeting on Feb. 9, Sunday, 4 PM at the Gaslight.

We will be tasting beers from both states and finding
out which reigns supreme.  It will be a fun exciting
event not to be missed.  And you don't have to like
football to attend.  See you at the meeting - and
bring a friend.  All are welcome!

The Two "Teams"

Home to 90+ breweries, in addition to 130+ wineries
and 20+ distilleries, Missouri’s alcohol industry has
entered a new golden age. Most people know about
Missouri-based Anheuser-Busch, but many don’t
realize the state is becoming known for its craft beer
production as well. Companies like Boulevard
Brewing, Urban Chestnut, Mother’s Brewing
Company, Schlafly's Brewing  and more are
producing hundreds of thousands of barrels of
outstanding craft beer each year.

Missouri ranks 20th in the country for the number of
craft breweries (New Jersey ranks 21st.)
Additionally, the craft beer industry provides 9,867
in state jobs,. Six Missouri breweries—received
medals at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival.  

.Trivia- Missouri's unofficial nickname (it doesn't
have an official one),"the show me state",is
commonly attributed to Congressman Willard
Vandiver. During an 1899 speech he declared
that “I come from a state that raises corn and
cotton, and Democrats, and frothy eloquence
neither convinces nor satisfies me. I’m from Missouri,
and you have got to show me"
California is sometimes called the birthplace of the
American craft brewing movement thanks to Fritz
Maytag’s founding of Anchor Brewing in 1965 and
Jack McAuliffe beginning New Albion Brewery in
1977.    In 2019 there were more than 1,039 craft
breweries in operation across California, more than
any other state in the nation.

At the 2019 Great American Beer Festival California
breweries won 68 medals, the most of any state.

Craft breweries in California support more than
54,000 full time jobs, collectively contributing over
$3.1 billion in labor income

95 percent of all California residents live within 10
miles of a craft brewery.
Special thanks to Cask Commissioner Dan Hodge
for personally selecting all the beers in this
showdown of beer excellence.
Draughtboard 15 Club News

It's time to pay your yearly dues!

Membership and TAP fees will remain as they were
in 2018. (
Note - The dues were different in 2019 because
we switched to a “calendar year” basis,
January to
.  Dues are $65 for a full year membership.
Non- members will pay $10 for each individual
meeting they attend. All meetings are
for members

TAP-NY Trip is on April 26 - it's our biggest beer
festival trip of the year! For non-members the fee is
$120.  The trip package includes coffee/bagels
before leaving, luxury bus, beer on the bus, and
admission to the largest festival on the East Coast.

DISCOUNT for the Tap-NY trip f
or members only
will be
$50 making the combination of one full
year of club membership
and TAP only $135.

Membership also brings a major discount on the
famed Victorian Christmas Dinner.

Your membership benefits actually exceed the
amount of the dues.  Join now!
Dues / payment for TAP will be collected
at the next meeting.
15 South Orange Ave., South Orange, NJ
Upcoming Meetings  Events

Robert Burns Night
If you miss the Gaslight's annual salute to Robbie
Burns the national poet of Scotland not to worry.  It
was filmed by noted cinematographer and club
member Livingston Hinckley.  Get ready for
bagpipes, haggis, and readings by Burns scholar
John Reid.  Watch it here .   

March Meeting 3/8/20
It's our most popular meeting of the year -
March IPA Madness as we sample 32 IPAs in a
bracket format.  It's the largest amount of beer we
sample all year and, as usual, all remaining beer
will be given away at the end of the meeting.
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Congratulations to
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is now an officially
certified Beer & Mead
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Winners of our last home brewing contest.
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