Raffi Manjikian

"The Beer Professor"
"The Beer Professor"

. Raffi  has been a highly
regarded member of the
Chemistry,Biological Sciences,
Orgo and Bio Chemistry
departments at various colleges
including Seton Hall University
and Monmouth University. He is
also an accomplished triathlete,
award winning home brewer,
and noted beer savant.
BeerNexus Proudly Presents
Welcome to my class on Molecular Gastronomy or for those who deeply
appreciate the inner beauty and passion of cooking, Modernist Cuisine.
Needless to say the science of brewing plays a huge part in the topic as
you'll see throughout the class.  After all, it's the chemistry of fermentation
that produces that wonderful beverage that we're all so fond of - beer!

Rather than simply present a long article on the subject I thought a
PowerPoint presentation would allow me to give you the essence of the
topic in a more approachable format. Hopefully you'll agree with that choice.

For those who wish to start with the section on beer just begin the class at
slide #22 and return to the beginning at your leisure.
The Beer Professor

Food Additives, Beer, Wine, Spirits and Chocolate
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