April 2021
mR. bReWski says..
"Beer - Because one doesn't solve the world's problems over white wine."
Hoppy Judge

This judge must have been hoppy to decide this case. A federal judge in Nevada wrote a pun-filled
order for a dispute over beer.
The case relates to pints of Stella Artois sold at Red Robin restaurants,
Law & Crime reported. A group of plaintiffs alleged that the chalice-style glasses the restaurant used to
serve Stella Artois only held 14 ounces of beer, 2 ounces short of the pint they were promised.
Robin had asked for the case to be moved from state to federal court under the Class Action Fairness
Act. The law allows class action cases to be moved up if the dispute covers more than $5 million. The
plaintiffs disagreed with the move and filed a request asking the case be moved back to state court.

The restaurant said it sold more than $16 million worth of Stella Artois at its 454 corporate-owned
restaurants between 2016 and 2020, plus an undetermined additional amount from 102 franchised
However, U.S. District Court Judge Jennifer Dorsey ordered that the case be sent back to
state court. In a punny order filed Feb. 12, she called Red Robin’s figures "mostly foam."
Dorsey found
that Red Robin had tried to "tap" past sales figures and, in a "strange brew," included attorney fees in
the amount of money on the line in the case in an effort to reach the $5 million "fill line."

Not all of the $16 million in Stella Artois sales had been the 16-ounce beers, the judge noted. And
calculating just the 2 ounces per beer in question, the shortage "distills" down to just $887,500.
Dorsey wrote that the analysis "takes the fizz out of" the numbers provided by Red Robin."Because

Red Robin’s figures are mostly foam and fail to satisfy CAFA’s jurisdictional amount-in-controversy
threshold, I grant the motion," Dorsey wrote in her order.

Baby Beer Bong

One determined dad came up with a creative way to help his baby daughter gain weight, inventing a
"beer bong" akin to his undergrad days for formula.
Doctors recently told Rudy Willingham that his 8-
month-old daughter Lily needed to put on some more pounds, inspiring the Seattle man to give it the old
college try with an ingenious device,It was pretty simple to construct, I just bought the smallest beer
bong Amazon had for sale and then attached a bottle nipple to the end," he told Jam Press, per The
Mirror. "As any parent can attest, the weigh-ins can be stressful, especially with small babies. You’re
doing absolutely everything you can to get their weight up and sometimes it just doesn’t happen."
Mulling over the mantra "like father, like daughter," Willingham wondered if his infant might be able to
gain weight like he did with a beer bong in college.  
Mr. Brewski says beer save the day again.

World's Hottest Beer

A brewery in Virginia is hoping to get officially recognized for one of its unique beers. While there are
several world records for various beer accomplishments, this company is looking for a brand new
category to be recognized.
The Maltese Brewing Company in Fredericksburg are hoping to have one of
their brews recognized for being the hottest beer in the world
. The beer in question probably has a good
chance earning the title considering its ingredients.
The beer, Signal One 2.0, is brewed using Carolina
Reaper Peppers, which has been recognized by Guinness as the hottest pepper in the world.

Roy Parrish, co-owner of the brewery, reportedly reached out to the University of Mary Washington to
see if the physics department could help calculate the drink’s heat content. From there, team of
professors has teamed up to measure the beer’s concentration of two specific chemicals, capsaicin and
dihydrocapsaicin, which give chili peppers their heat. While the researchers reportedly hope to send
their findings to Guinness by the end of April, it’ll likely take the record-keeping company several months
to make their decision. Currently, there is no record for the world’s hottest beer.

The brewery is holding a challenge for brave beer drinkers in the meantime. Anyone hoping to conquer
the challenge has to drink 10 ounces of the spicy beer in 10 minutes or less. According to Parrish,
Signal One 2.0 is about 70% hotter than its previous iteration, Signal One 1.0.

Ya gotta love these guys
"”I wish to live to 150 years old, but the day I die, I wish it to be with a cigarette in
one hand and a glass of beer in the other.”".
Ava Gardner

"“Step Aside COFFEE This is a Job for BEER.”"
Henry Livingston

"I told my wife that a husband is like a fine wine; he gets better with age.
The next day, she locked me in the cellar.”
Rodney Dangerfield

"Beer is by far the most popular of all remedies that won’t cure a cold.”
Jerry Vale

“I started thinking about the dangers of drinking on new year’s eve.
After that, I decided to stop thinking.”
Henny Youngman

“Beer doesn’t have many vitamins. That’s why you need to drink lots of it.”
ane Lamprey

“A party without
beer is just a meeting.”
ats Domino

“Not to brag but I don’t even need alcohol to make really bad decisions.”
eo Durocher

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