Jan.  2021
mR. bReWski says..
"Beer - Because one doesn't solve the world's problems over white wine."
Police Educate Beer Thief

Police in North Carolina are shaming a thief who was caught stealing two packs of Bud Light from a
convenience store in the early morning, suggesting that he was too unrefined to realize Bud Light is
an inappropriate “breakfast beer.” “This gentleman left the Lake Waccamaw Sam's [Pit] Stop last week
at 6:30 a.m. and completely forgot to pay for the two [12-packs] of Bud Light he was carrying,” police
wrote in a Facebook post salong with two surveillance photos of the thief. “This is very concerning to
us. Bud Light is clearly not a breakfast beer.”The Police went on to ask for the community’s assistance
in “identifying this gentleman so that we might educate him on the benefits of quality over quantity.”
While they didn’t offer any specific examples of their preferred beers to pair with eggs, pancakes,
or even Fruity Pebbles, police did indeed suggest that any type of “breakfast stout” — which are often
brewed with notes of coffee,or chocolate  — is a better choice than a lager.In the meantime, police
offered a kind “dilly dilly!” to any Bud Light fans they may have offended with their remarks
Brewery Founder Fired

The founder of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. (Ohio) has been laid off following a decision by the
brewery's new owner to outsource its beer production. Cincinnati Beverage Company, which owns the
Moerlein, Little Kings, Hudepohl and Burger Beer brands, announced that it has signed a production
deal with another local brewing company. The move to outsource beer production is aimed at improving
the production efficiency and scalability of its brands, Cincinnati Beverage Company CEO Jay
Woffington said. But that decision has resulted in the firings of Greg Hardman, Moerlein's founder, as
well as its 20-person production team.  Mr. Brewski says he should have never sold out.

Best Beer Cities

Considering 384 cities in the country,TopAsset.com measured total number of breweries, breweries per
100,000 residents, the average number of beers per brewery, bars per 100,000 residents and the
average price of a pint to determine the best beer cities in the US  The top five cities were: 1. Cincinnati,
Ohio, 2. Asheville, N.C., 3. St. Louis, Mo., 4. Portland, Ore. 5. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Beer From The Grave

Many people dream of having their first legal drink when they finally turn 21, but the moment was extra
special for one young man in Massachusetts. While his father had died several years prior, that didn’t
stop him from buying his son his first beer.A Massachusetts man's 21st birthday turned extra special
after finding out his late father left behind $10 so he could enjoy his first legal beer.

Matt Goodman reached the milestone on Sunday and tweeted photos of him drinking a Bud Light at at
bar in Attleboro and a $10 bill."Almost 6 years ago before my dad passed he gave my sister this 10$ bill
to give to me on my 21st birthday so he could buy me my first beer, cheers pops havin this one for you!"
he wrote. Casey told CBS Boston that over the years it was hard to keep the secret with her mom, but it
was all worth it. "It's just something so typical that my dad would have done," she said. "To buy his first
beer. Him and my dad were so close and he's had such a hard time anytime that a monumental moment
comes up in his life that my dad's not there."

Ya gotta love these guys
“"We old folks have to find our cushions and pillows in our tankards.
Strong beer is the milk of the old.".
Martin Luther

"A meal of bread, cheese, and beer constitutes the perfect food."
Queen Elizabeth I

"I am sure of this, that if everybody was to drink their bottle a day, there would
be not half the disorders in the world there are now. It would be a famous
good thing for us all."
Jane Austen

"There is nothing in the world like the first taste of beer."
John Steinbeck

"Well, I never met a beer I didn't drink. And down it goes."
Norm Peterson (Cheers)

“…there is only one game at the heart of America and that is baseball, and only one
beverage to be found sloshing at the depths of our national soul and that is beer.”
Peter Richmond

“A psychologist once said that we know little about the conscience –
except that it is soluble in alcohol.”
Thomas Blackburn

“Beer he drank – seven goblets. His spirit was loosened. He became hilarious.
His heart was glad and his face shown.”
from the Epic of Gilgamesh

“Beer will get you through time of no money better than
money will get you through times of no beer.”
Steve Allen
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