March 2020
mR. bReWski says..
"Beer - Because one doesn't solve the world's problems over white wine."
Craft Beer Hatred
Chaos erupted outside the Other Half, a popular Brooklyn brewery when an apparently annoyed
craft-beer hater pulled a gun on a long line of people who were waiting to buy the brewery's new release
The gun-slinging craft beer hater struck around the corner from the brewery where beer lovers with
camp chairs and hand trucks had lined up overnight to buy a limited-run, $18 four-packs.

It was at around 9 p.m. when the gunman and a woman he was with allegedly confronted the long line of
hops hipsters and began mocking them for standing online overnight.  The gunman was  drinking a can
of White Claw hard seltzer.  When the beer lovers questioned his choice of beverage he threw the can
at them and shouted "well how about I put a Glock in your mouth?" At that point he put it away and went
inside the brewery.The pro-craft beer folks promptly called the cops on the anti-craft beer gunman.
No shots were fired and the man was quickly arrected.
Women Only Need Appy
Deliria is an annual all-female effort of women from all over the world who converge on a tiny town in
Belgium to brew a beer in honor of International Women’s Day. For the two-day brew, men who work at
the company are asked to leave.  The project is a symbolic gesture against what they say is a male-
dominated industry. The brewery partners with the Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit that supports female
brewers,The 20 women who travel to Belgium each year to brew Deliria are hand-selected.


Thief of the Month
A man who is not old enough to legally drink stole dozens of cases of beer multiple times from the same
Circle K  conviece store in south Phoenix, Arizona according to police. Officers said 20-year-old Mikael
Richardson walked in and took two 30-packs of Bud Light beers and two 24-packs of Michelob Ultra
beers-- without paying. About 10 minutes later, he stole another 30-pack of Bud Light and another 24-
pack of Michelob Ultra. Then again, 10 minutes after that, Richardson stole more cases of beer-- this
time Bud Light and Coors Light. Richardson allegedly stole beer more than two dozen times in about 30
days, sometimes within minutes of each other. One time, he did six beer runs in one day. In total.
That amounts to 2,958 cans of beer, with an average of more than 71 stolen beers per day
Ya gotta love these guys
“Always buy a bigger bottle than you think You’ll need.
Better to be safe than sober.” .
Billy Carter

"Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course,
you happen to be a bottle of IPA.."
John Richard Reid

"How do you know a man is thinking about his future?
He buys two cases of beer instead of one.
Henry Gleason

“Instead of water we got here a draught of beer…a lumberer’s drink, which would
acclimate and naturalize a man at once—which would make him see green, and, if he
slept, dream that he heard the wind sough among the pines.”
Henry David Thoreau

““Is'n’t beer the holy libation of sincerity? The potion that dispels all hypocrisy, any
charade of fine manners? The drink that does nothing worse than incite its fans to
urinate in all innocence, to gain weight in all frankness?”
Milan Kundera

““Stay with the beer. beer is continuous blood. a continuous lover.”
Charles Bukowski

“Oh, this beer here is cold, cold and hop-bitter, no point coming up
for air, gulp, till it’s all–hahhhh.”
Thomas Pynchon
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