Bar Tending & Beerspectives
by Matt Martinkovic
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If you are in marketing and advertising and you are looking at the correlation of
American football viewer ratings being down and major domestic beer sales being down
you shouldn’t care. If it concerns you that liquor adverts will be aired during these long
drawn out uneventful games, that probably only hold interest for gamblers and their
bookies anymore, then you really need another profession. Bottom line is the NFL needs
the money and liquor sales are up. If distilleries feel the need to spend the money on an
advert slot during these games in the rather odd idea to further project their products into

a shrinking market then have at it. On the flip side of this for major domestic breweries and
their decline you should focus more on why your numbers are down and the plausibility that

it has almost no causal relation to the decline in American football’s numbers.

       Big domestic breweries are down for a number of reasons and American football fans’
beverage of choice should simply hold almost no bearing on why. Throwing a few distillery
commercials into the fray is only adding a variety to the visual mix of the intended target
markets. Simply put, if you are watching American football and a liquor commercial comes on
it may provoke you to do a shot but the point remains: if you are a beer drinker watching the
sport, you are drinking beer and vice versa.

For major domestic brewery numbers being substantially down it could be quite possible that
beer consumers have been and are making rational choices towards other breweries and
beer. After
all, isn’t that the guiding force behind economic theory? A consumer base making
informed, rational decisions? The big breweries can point to whatever silly correlation or trend
they want but the fact is consumers have become increasingly aware that their products have
a very real perceived inferiority. Much of this is relative to purchasing power but relevant all
the same. For once the saying perception is reality isn’t just a mixed beverage filtered
through a strainer of nonsense that relies on muddled intent. It was only a matter of time
before this market shifted out of the hands of a few dominant players providing half-assed
products synced in with a first rate perception is reality marketing scheme. So point to all

the trends you wish you guys because there is another saying that ends this diatribe:
remember that when you go off pointing your finger there are always three pointing

back. It might be time to listen to those three.

       On a side note, I am making my own joke of a theory about liquor sales being up. I figure
if people are making excuses as to why certain beer numbers are stagnant to straight down
and out I would toss my own ridiculous notions out there. Liquor sales are up because the
social (American football can be subsumed under this category) and political climate in this
country is so sad and filled with a lot of truly ignorant people who should seriously take the
time to go to a library and pick up a book. Pick up any book. I don’t care if it’s The Lorax

by Dr. Seuss. Just something. Things are so staggeringly sad and depressing that
people are going straight for the hard stuff to drown out and black out what has become an
awful (this term is relative based on perspective) case study of  human beings.

That’s my theory: most beer isn’t strong enough to drown it all out so pass that hooch on
down. Beernexus poll anyone? For any interested parties please check out beer business
daily for articles related to this topic.     

Matt Martinkovic is not only a recognized beer authority but an agricultural
consultant on, of course, the growing of hops.  His personal hop garden currently
features Magnum, Crystal, Cascade, Centennial,Mt. Hood, and Chinook hops..
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