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Pitchers of Beer Outlawed

If you've been out with friends having a few
brewskis you likely have done the whole
"pitcher and glasses" routine. However, as you
slow down consumption the last glass can
sometimes be warm and flat. The MGM Grand
Detroit saw this as a problem...and came up
with a solution. The "Virtual Beer Pitcher".

The concept is simple - a"Virtual Pitcher".  It's  
a “beer dispensing device at a patron’s table
which allows a patron to pour a pre-determined
amount of beer (32oz if a pitcher) from a
metered beer tap which would automatically
cease functioning after the  amount has been
dispensed.  MGM  says that "while the patron
can pour themselves beer he will not and cannot
have the ability to turn on the Virtual Pitcher.”
Only the bar manager would be able to do so
and only after having done the required age and
intoxication checks.  Sounds good, but the state
of Michigan's Liquor Control Commission is
putting the brakes on the idea...saying the
devices are essentially "alcohol dispensing
vending machines"...and are illegal under the
state's liquor laws." MGM will appeal.
Aqua String Band

The Aqua String Band of the world famous
Mummers of Philadelphia is a BeerNexus
favorite. A new video tells their history but sadly
omits the sections about their beer proclivities.  
ee the story of this great group that proudly
boasts BeerNexus' own
Dan Hodge as a member.
You don't say.....

All the beer consumed by Americans in 2012 could fill a keg
that is 1,429 feet tall and 870 feet wide and weighs 66 billion
pounds.  If the beer were in cans and stacked on top of
each other, it could reach the moon 20 times
Germany has the largest number of breweries in the
world with about 1,400.  The three countries with the
highest tax rates on beer are Norway, Finland, & Canada
Hangovers in other languages: French, ‘wood mouth.’
Germans, ‘wailing of the cats. Italians, ‘out of tune.’
Norwegians, ‘carpenters in the head', and Swedes, ‘pain
in the hair roots.’
The brewing of beer in ancient Peru was considered such a
sacred rite that it was intrusted only to skills of virgin
priestesses. Today Peruvian beer drinkers often sprinkle a
few drops of beer on the ground in honor of Mama Sara,
the corn goddess.
In the Middle Ages, "nunchion" was the word for liquid
lunches. It was a combination of the words "noon scheken",
or noon drinking. In those days, a large chunk of bread was
called lunch. So if you ate bread with your nunchion, you
had what we today still call a luncheon.
In 1896, Helmut Keineger, a Bavarian brewer, committed
suicide in his Munich jail cell. His crime: placing
chemicals in his beer that ran contrary to the
Reinheitsgebot purity law of 1516.
One of the few short sentences in the English language to
include every letter of the English alphabet is: "Pack my box
with five dozen liquor jugs."
Ya gotta love these guys
Joan Goldstein
“There is nothing for a case of nerves
like a case of beer.

Dave Barry
“In the Bowling Alley of Tomorrow, there
will even be machines that wear rental shoes
and throw the ball for you. Your sole
function will be to drink beer."

John Ciardi
“There's nothing wrong with sobriety as long
as it's donein moderation".
Lord Byron
“Man, being reasonable, must get drunk;
The best of life is but intoxication.”

John Barley
“Nobody drove me to drink...
but they had to drive me back.”

Jay Bacher
“When you go to lunch just remember that beer
can be a food, but food can't be a beer.”
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