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Top 5 Beers??
Zymurgy magazine just released its list of the 50
Best Beers in America, as voted on by its
readers. The Top 5 were:
1. Russian River Pliny the Elder;
2. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
3. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
4. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
5. Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale
Warning- before you take this user poll as
gospel be aware that this group put Goose
Island Bourbon County Stout at #29. What???

What a Deal
Here’s one advantage of watching the Olympics
at home instead of in London: you can crack
open a cold one for regular retail prices.  If
you’re at an event at the London Games, a pint
of beer will set you back more than $11 —
which is 7.23 British pounds.  That's more than
double the national average for a pint of beer.
Just to add to the indignity, the only beer sold at
the events will be Heineken, a Dutch beer.

Design a Glass
Duvel is launching a nationwide search  for the
next great design to grace its iconic tulip-shaped
glass.  The on-line contest runs to August 15.  
Go to to enter.
You don't say.....

Women are affected more rapidly when drinking because
they tend to have a slightly higher proportion of fat to lean
muscle tissue, thus concentrating alcohol a little more easily
in their lower percentage of body water.
Organic beer may be cleaner or purer than other beer, but
there’s no existing proof that it manages to avoid giving
hangovers when consumed in sufficient quantities.
Sake only gets an 8% share in the alcoholic beverage
market in Japan while beer owns 60%!  The most
popular beer  there is Asahi Super Dry.
Just what does a "sound artist" do if he really loves
Red Stripe Beer?  Why this of course-
A promotional Salta brand beer vending machine was
modified to only dispense a beer if it gets hit hard enough
from the side. The concept was that rugby fans would be
more inclined to buy the beer if there was a physical aspect
involved. The machine took a tour of bars in Argentina,
where it increased beer sales by 25%. Really.  
See for yourself
•The oldest brewery is the Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria.  
It has been producing beer continuously since 1040
Ya gotta love these guys
Jacob Ruppert
"Be careful to trust a person who
does not like beer.."

George Best
"I spent a lot of my money on booze, beer, birds,
and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."

Matt Arthur
Beer is the reason I get out of bed
every afternoon.."
Alexander Pope
“Drink is the feast of reason
and the flow of soul."

Samuel Johnson
"This is one of the disadvantages of ale; it makes
a man mistake words for thought.."

Winston Churchill
""The water was not fit to drink. To make it
palatable, we had to add whiskey. By diligent
effort, I learned to like it.."
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